10 Years Of Misery, Corruption, Suffering & Death Under Ernest Bai Koroma.

By Musa D Ronso…..

The Untold Story of Ernest Bai Koroma’s Presidency In Sierra Leone.

We once hailed him as the World’s Best. May God have mercy on our souls. Because we saw black and called it white, and we saw wrong but made it right. Before God could listen to our plea, we must first make amends with fellow Sierra Leoneans. The thousands who lost their lives over the past ten years because of Ernest Bai Koroma horrifying leadership. While the people screamed, groan and sobbed in agony, Koroma lived extravagantly and looked the other way. He deprived thousands of gainful employment because they did not sing his praise.

Among seven million Sierra Leoneans, only a few hundreds could boast of any good that came out of his presidency. These are his relatives, friends, tribesmen and his flattering praise singers. But for the rest of Sierra Leoneans, it’s been ten years of bloody red misery. Sierra Leoneans must hear the untold story of the presidency of Ernest Bai Koroma. He fell out of grace with God for presiding over the worse leadership ever in the history of Sierra Leone. And that’s the truth.

I wonder aloud why in the story of Lazarus and the rich man, the rich man was sent to the Hades; hell, in other words. Found in Luke 16: 19-31 the rich man wore purple and fine linen. According to the narrative, he lived a luxurious lifestyle every day. He never made trouble for others; if he did at least Luke withheld that information from his hearers. Luke wrote, “And a certain beggar named Lazarus was laid at his gate, full of sores, and desiring to be fed with the crumbs that fell from the rich man’s table; yea, even the dogs came and licked his sores.” How could the rich man fail to notice a standout indigent at his gates in front of his face?

Lazarus was a destitute. The rich man never attempts to reverse the fortunes of Lazarus. Koroma’s lifestyle of affluence depicts the rich man’s world in Luke. Today, there are more than six million Lazarus and Lucy in Sierra Leone. Conditions in the slums of Sierra Leone best describes Lazarus world. Struggling to feed a family of five with just half a cup of rice, is equivalent to gathering the crumbs from underneath Koroma’s table. The unaccounted facts about the rich man are the same as the untold story of Koroma’s presidency.

Ernest Bai Koroma leaves office as the world’s worse leader. The atrocities of his presidency must be carefully documented; they must be written so the whole world could read. The voices from the graveyard and the stories they tell let us hear. This is not “Ghost Whispers,” it’s the nightmare under the sun; a tale of darkness in broad daylight. It’s the failure of governing a nation as if running a personal business. NO! Koroma is not leaving office on a high note. Sierra Leone is traumatized. In the untold story, the hidden truth will become visible.

Someone said; “The wound from the truth will heal, but the comfort of the lie will kill.” That the President did more for Sierra Leone than any previous president, is a false comfort. Who was behind the devastating tragedies of the past ten years? The mistakes of Ernest Bai Koroma were grave and they cost Sierra Leoneans direly. We must uncover the truth; we must tell the story of gloom and doom under President Koroma. Why should devalue the lives of Sierra Leoneans be celebrated as excellent work? Sierra Leone needs healing. Setting the record straight in the untold story is intended to be therapeutic for confounded Sierra Leoneans.