1st Facebook Activist Imprisoned In Sierra Leone.

By TambaYama Lebbie…

The last time anyone heard from Fly was on the 21st of November, 2014. No one has a clue under what conditions he is being held at the Pademba Road Prisons.

The Voice of Binkongoh is asking the Vice President of Sierra Leone to unconditionally and immediately effect the release of Mr. Samuel Fly Gandi. Mr Samuel Gandi, commonly known as Dr Fly, is said to belong to the Diana Konomanyi-Kabbah’s  camp. Diana Konomanyi-Kabbah and VP Samuel Sumana are two great rivals in Konoland.

When Mark Zuckerberg supplies vehicles and motorbikes to help Sierra Leone, he does this because he loves his Facebook enterprise. Ironically, Samuel Fly Gandi is to go on trial in Sierra Leone against that country ‘s Vice President, Chief Samuel Sumana.

Reason : The guy, Samuel Fly Gandi, has been using Facebook to post his personal views that clash with that country ‘s VP ‘s political thuggish thoughts. He recently voiced out his opinion following the Adamu Saga which resulted in the death of two innocent youths in Koidu Town: “

In Samuel Fly Gandi’s BREAKING NEWS on his Facebook Timeline , he wrote;” HON. V P SAM SUMANA MAY BE EXPELLED FROM THE RULING APC PARTY AS A FORMAL COMPLAINT HAS BEEN TABLED AGAINST HIM TO THE APC NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL (NEC) AT THE PARTY HQ. He is found wanting for a teleconference he held with the Kono diaspora on the 1st Nov, 2014 in which he disassociated himself from a government decision. His utterances on that teleconference contravene the ground rules of democracy….’collective responsibility’. If you don’t agree with a government motion, resign. But he never did resign. VOVK (Voice of the Voiceless Konos) is making the rounds in Freetown to furnish you with the latest outcome of the emergency APC NEC MEETING. The Honourable VP was dumb-founded as the cream of the APC party lambasted him. President Koroma who happens to be the leader of the party was not present at the proceedings. The minutes of the meeting, recommendations and taped-recordings of the teleconference will be submitted to the Leader of the party for disciplinary actions. VP Sam Sumana can be expelled from the party but remains to be the Vice President of S/L WITH NO POLITICAL BASE. No wonder Tamba Sandi was in London to launch the Rainbow Coalition Party. Emerson said, ‘keep tick beyen door for u nor know when u neibaa go tawa’.”

Mr Samuel Fly Gandi did question the VP’s involvement in the Kono Diaspora teleconference; “WHAT DID THE HON VICE PRESIDENT, CHIEF ALHAJI SIDIKI SAMUEL SAM SUMANA SAY AT THE STAGE-MANAGED TELEPHONE CONFERENCE MEETING…? Was that the President in waiting..? What did he say was his relationship with Adamu Eze..? He admitted that Adamu vehemently refused to listen to him. A wayward boy would not listen to his desperate father even in public. Train up your child the way you want him to grow. He (the VP) claimed that there were unlawful arrests made in Kono, which simply means there was no crime committed. He accused President Koroma of signing a warrant to arrest his sister which to him was unlawful. He went on to say that most of the people arrested were innocent and were not in Kono during the riots. He demanded to know the origin of the list signed by President Koroma to arrest his sister. The million dollar question is: Why was VP Sam Sumana aiding thugs (Adamu and co.) in Kono? Can VP Sam Sumana disown Adamu and co..?”

When Fly Interestingly visited the CID HQ at Pademba Road in Freetown, he was assaulted; “A brother from Kono sent hundred thousand Leones through Airtel Money to me for Jojo. On arrival, VP’s sister, Sia Sumana physically attacked me. She said I was there to take photos of them and to make sure whether she was really there. I gave the money to Jojo and left. Fixing square pegs in round holes is not gonna work.”

Before Samuel Fly Gandi was dragged to court on November 21, he boldly pointed out; “DAVID AND GOLIATH : VP SAMUEL SAM SUMANA VS SAMUEL FLY GANDI IN COURT TODAY AT THE FREETOWN MAGISTRATE COURT NO. 1. In this modern era, its not a stone and sling but a PEN AND PAPER TO DISLODGE THE Hon MIGHTY MAN…”

Mr Abdul Ahmed observed on Facebook; “While Fly has been persistently taunting and writing about the VP on Facebook, it was a poor public relation’s move for the later to drag this issue to court. Regardless of the outcome, the fact that the headlines would be Fly vs VP, it is a victory for Fly. To be a leader in politics, you have to be thick-skinned”. He then advised Samuel Fly Gandi; “My advice to Fly, you have the right to write and criticise our leaders when necessary, but must be fair, constructive and fact-based.” To the VP, he stated; “ I say take the proverbial moral high ground.

Mr Magnus Pewa of CAPP-SL outlined; “i hereby join the numerous voices asking for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Samuel Fly Gandi, who was incarcerated while carrying out his function as a freelance journalist. Mr. Gandi’s civil liberty should be highly respected in a country that is a signitory to such internationmal convention, on the preservation of human rights, and the promotion of justice for all.”

While FB Chief donates: to Sierra Leone to help eradicate the Ebola disease, it is really sad seeing  a FB Blogger,  Samuel Fly Ngandi in court, being  sued by the VP of Sierra Leone for posting political views antithetical to that of the VP ‘s views. This is a real vice-presidential dictatorship against Mark Zukerberg ‘ s Facebook.