Sierra Leone Tomorrow.

By Aiah Y. Sodengbe…….
Without any iota of doubt, the current APC government of Sierra Leone have shown a continuous propensity for unfinished projects & dodgy unchecked expenditures which have been continuously highlighted by the Auditor General of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Lara Taylor-Pearce. Most Ministries have been profligate in their expenditures.

Our President, Dr. Ernest Byebye Koroma, has been hoodwinked by inexperienced advisers and stubbornly continue to ignore best practice procedures. Parvenu politicians hiding their wealth behind the facade of secret companies are open secret. Key players in the government namely; Mr. Victor Foh, Mr. Logus Koroma, Dr. Sylvia Magomago Blyden, Mr. I.B.Kargbo to name but few, have chequered past. It’s no surprise that most Sierra Leoneans have questioned their fitness for purpose.

The moribund status of our economy is like asking a blind man to drive a group of kindergartens to FBC from model junction in Freetown …………very risky, complete failure and an impossible task. Insatiable corruption, chicanery, cronyism, nepotism, tribalism are the order of the day and this has left citizens aghast, desolate and in complete despair.

The aforementioned reasons explicitly demands change of direction for Sierra Leone. What are the options for a better Sierra Leone ?
Considering the current geopolitical dynamics, we can’t rely on any particular opposition party as they are yet to show their readiness to govern or get the job done. Squabbling for Leadership at the detriment of citizens and allegation of corruption is ripe among our opposition parties. Be it SLPP, PMDC, NDP , PDP, NADP, UND, UNPP and the list goes on.

What Sierra Leone needs now is a coalition of parties guided by strict governance best practice procedures. Though a challenge, it’s feasible, inspiring, practicable and this model will surely motivate the moral of our people.

Change will only come when change is implemented with sound and proven ideological principles. COALITION FOR CHANGE IS THE ANSWER!