A Sam-Sumana-Yumkella Presidential Ticket?

Alieu Iscandri’s OPINION….

A Samuel Sam Sumana-Kandeh Yumkella ticket under The Coalition for Change will be a formidable force during the next General Elections.

Sierra Leoneans on the ground have become wise to the fact that both major parties have woefully failed our nation. We have become economically under-developed despite the fact our nation is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.

Corruption is endemic and it’s probably the single-most important factor contributing  to our under development.

Another important factor is tribalism. Tribalism creates a very poor talent pool. It is tribalism that causes insecure leadership to hire persons whose skill set would otherwise be incapable of landing them a job outside of politics.

Another important factor is the lack of justice and lawlessness. The level of thuggery is unbelievably high. Even I was assaulted by a wanna be thug at a restaurant; if he only knew that I have a philosophy that I would rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6. The recent attack of a police station by soldiers in an attempt to free an officer who was believed to be drunk is clear evidence of the level of lawlessness that pervades our country.

Dr. Kandeh Yumkella

It is imperative that Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora have the right to vote. This right to vote is enshrined in the constitution of our Republic and can only be strictly construed as constructed. A COALITION FOR CHANGE  in collaboration with CONCERNED SIERRA LEONEANS has filed an action in the High Court of Sierra Leone to compel government to put structures in place to ensure that diasporeans have this voting right.

The paucity of true leadership devoid of corruption and tribalism and all other isms responsible for our economic and social decline, makes it necessary that Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora support this cause by these two entities. Your financial support is integral to this cause since we have to pay our lawyers. To this end, I have created a GO FUND ME PAGE called DIASPORA VOTING RIGHTS LEGAL DEFENSE FUND.

Copyright: M. Alieu Iscandri ESQ, Oakland, California