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The apolitical and independent news organ and voice of KONOLAND. The VOICE-OF-BINKONGOH.INFO is non-religious and non-governmental. It helps bring balanced news and commentaries to the people of KONOLAND and Sierra Leone.

As a news organ, unbiased and objective with committed interests centred around the socio-economic development of the KONO PEOPLE, the VOB broadcasts news, commentaries and reports from other world-wide news agencies reporting on activities and socio -politico-economic activities in KONOLAND and Sierra leone at large.

The “Voice-Of-Binkongoh” identifies itself with the major waterfall of KONOLAND. The Binkongoh Waterfall symbolises the true nature and gift of “YATAMANSAWA” (Kono name for GOD or ALLAH). The Binkongoh Waterfall still waits for soio-political promises of the past and current rulers of our motherlans. Konos are always known for  their patience and sufferings.

The Management and Team of the VOICE-OF-BINKONGOH are positively confident that this forgotten Waterfall will one day be the true living water of the KONO PEOPLE, turning darkness into day and tears into an everlasting joy of development that were denied the KONOS since the founding of Sierra Leone’s diamonds.

We really support and believe in “anti-corruption and will help boost the good image of those fighting against corruption and seeking the good interest of the people.

The Voice-Of-Binkongoh analyses and proposes a politicall-healthy atmosphere for the economic emancipation of the Kono people. We do not see opponents as enemies but as co-partners in the socio-economic development of KONOLAND.

The Voice OfBinkongoh is determined to help exchange information on/about KONOLAND from all angles of the world so that every KONO may responsibly share his or her views, hopes and ideals for generations yet to follow.

We will research on various media that carry news oor stories on people and activities in Kono. Our analytical commentaries objectively bring out the left-out news-ingredients that the people long for.

Solidarity, genuine services and reconciliation are binding tools of our medium. The VOB is not an opposing element in the soio-economic, political and journalistic environment of KONOLAND and Sierra Leone at large, but a force to reckon with as it only analyses events, declarations and policies on the bases of media ethics and general norms.

The implementation of media professionalism is part of our commitment to mastermind peace, harmony and friendship in a bid to achieve a clearer vision of events and policies for a long-lasting development in Konoland.

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