Ali Kabba Freed On A Two Year Suspended Sentence ?

By Pay Wahun…

Magistrate Serry Wurie, who committed Dr. Kabba’s case to the High Court, found no case against him. He did not dismiss the case as he was caught between the law and the ‘Order From Above’ – the Supreme Executive Authority (SEA).

In an emotionally but highly charged unhappy teleconference between the SEA and his APC inner core cult members on Sunday January 24, 2016 at 02:00 am,  it was decided that Dr. Alie Kabba should be freed on a two year suspended sentence which will be served alongside his appeal in the High Court.

They acknowledged that Dr. Kabba is a good orator and should not return to Padema Road Maximum prison for fear that he will encourage, influence and incite prison officers, prisoners and prison workers to rebel. They agreed not to harm Dr. Kabba for fear of seeing the nation descend into another choas and perhaps a possible war which will send the SEA and his APC inner core cult members to the Hague,  if they do hurt or injure him as he is a political prisoner of conscience closely monitored by the world.

Meanwhile, they conceded that there is no case for Ali Kabba to answer but they cannot let him walk out of court free without conditions attached to his freedom.

Three Judges,  two men and one woman, who have been identified as members of the Judiciary that seek the APC party’s interest,  will preside over the case under the directives of the SEA.

The Judgement.

A guilty verdict and a two suspended sentence to serve alongside his appeal will be delivered.

Conditions of the two year suspended sentence to be read out in court by the Judge :-

1. Dr. Kabba must not speak about the bigamy and the perjury case outside the court after the date of the verdict.

2. He must not engage in any political meetings or rallies or criticise the APC government as his erstwhile wife is a prominent member of the APC party. Speaking ills or criticising the party will prejudice his two year suspended sentence and appeal thereafter.

3. He must not enter, visit or engage in discussion and business with any police officer/s or Army officer/s.

4. Dr. Kabba must not visit Colleges and Universities within Sierra Leone, or deliver public lectures about democracy and good governance.

The intension of the SEA is to stop Dr. Kabba being the flagbearer for the SLPP. By the end of his two year suspended sentence,  the SLPP would have selected their presidential flagbearer in advance.

It is also the intention of the SEA within two years before Dr. Kabba has his full freedom of speech, association and movement, the APC would have limited the damage they inflicted on the country.

“But what if he appeals against the ruling” This question was asked by Dr. Kabba’s former college mate who is now a close associate of the SEA and a member of the APC inner core cult group. “He will serve his two year suspended sentence alongside its appeal” The SEA said.  What that means is Dr. Kabba’s appeal will start on the date his two year suspended sentence ends.

The legal implications, delays, postponement and adjournments are whitewashed and stage–managed. The end result is two year suspended sentence and an appeal which takes effect at the end of the sentence.

Reference: ©Report from the APC Inner Core Teleconference @ The SEA.