Alie Kabba Foundation Moves On.

By Magnus Pewa (CAPP-SL)

The Alie Kabba Foundation, in partnership with the SLPP, have launched a massive humanitarian support program. This partnership aims to support Ebola victims around the entire country. Kenema and Kailahun district have been targeted as a first stop. Recipients, among others, included nurses, patients, and teachers. The team is now heading to the Northern Province and Kono District respectively, where distribution of aid will target similar, including orphanages.

In a special interview with the founder of the Alie Kabba Foundation, Mr. Alie Kabba expressed his desire to work alongside his SLPP party in this effort, as he does not believe in what he described as “going and doing it alone”. I am very proud and happy to form this partnership with the SLPP in responding to this epidemic. “Our relationship with the SLPP in this regard will be an ongoing one, especially when our gesture is purely humanitarian, rather than political”. ” we do not aim at scoring any political point in this process, but rather to give a helping hand to our fellow countrymen at such a difficult time in our history”.

Mr. Alie Kabba has also disclosed his intention to provide institutional support to the health care sector in Sierra Leone. His foundation is now engaged in intensive discussions with diverse personalities within the US senate, to see how best they can render Sierra Leone a helping hand in blustering our weak health care infrastructure. There is every indication that this request will receive support within the US senate house, the result of which will see a complete overhaul of our medical delivery system.

In another development, Alie Kabba donated A Brass Band to the Bo Government Secondary School. “Just giving back to those whom I owe so muchtTo” Alie Kabba stated.
When asked about the cost of this Brass Band, Mr. Alie Kabba refused to say. However, sources close to him indicated that a whopping $20,000 was invested in the donations.