Alie Kabba Speaks: SLPP Must Unite!

Fellow SLPP Members,..

As we approach the halfway point of Ernest Koroma’s final term of office as President of Sierra Leone, I crave your indulgence for all of us to reflect on the horrific situation our country finds itself today, and to recalibrate our politics to the big picture, i.e., elevating it to the noble task of winning the next elections and kicking the APC out of power.

No matter how righteous our cause is, or how wonderful our plans are for Sierra Leone, a divided and distracted SLPP will be consigned to the sidelines of history, ineffectually screaming, and willfully ignored by APC vandals, as they continue to rampage and destroy Sierra Leone with an unapologetic agenda of bad governance and constitutional mayhem.

Fellow party members and patriots, let’s look at our party’s dire straits. SLPP is riven with dissension and contentious camps with maximalist positions that it is either their candidate or the highway. Supporters spend day and night, not promoting their candidates, but vilely attacking other FB aspirants with irresponsible distortions and sensationalist crap, leaving APC to skate free in the rink and continue its corrosive misrule. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we do the APC’s dirty work when there is much to go after in that party’s record?

I say this, ladies and gentlemen, not to discourage political discourse in our party. It is true that we do have legitimate political differences in SLPP that cannot be papered over. However, I aver that it makes no sense to throw away the baby with the bath water. If folks continue to hammer one another, in the belief that it will give advantage to their preferred candidates, they are only engaging in the politics of self-delusion.

Internecine warfare in SLPP, without positive ideas to boost party and country, diminishes our party and beloved nation. I call on my fellow flagbearer aspirants, many of whom I have met – and find to be decent, rational patriots- to call on their supporters to cool down the rhetoric and focus the barbs on the ruling party, whose destructive politics and policies we are all committed to end. Otherwise, it is quite conceivable that SLPP will enter the elections, weakened by bloated egos and unhealable divisions, condemned to fifteen years on opposition benches.

When I declared for SLPP flagbearer and President of Sierra Leone some seven months ago, I came in not as a career politician, but a humble community organizer and activist with a long history of fighting for social justice and dignity of the marginalized and voiceless in society. I made a conscious decision to run a campaign of vision and ideas that will get SLPP back to power. I made a commitment not to run a campaign of insults and denigration against other SLPP brothers and sisters. I declared that my SLPP family is not the enemy; that the common political opponent is APC and its disgraceful record of incompetence, foul corruption and destructive politics. And, ladies and gentlemen, I have not deviated from that position!

We face a formidable opponent in the next election in APC. They are well-financed and have control of the country’s financial, media, judiciary, and security resources at their command. Despite this, SLPP can win if we run a campaign of common-sense ideas and vision and show that we are different from APC in the way that we practice our politics.

A few months ago, I appealed to my fellow flagbearer aspirants to partner with me to raise money for the party.  SLPP is broke and the 20,000 dollars (one hundred million Leones) that I asked each FB aspirant to contribute to a Special SLPP Fund will help us to start becoming competitive in upcoming local and national elections. This will benefit whoever emerges as our flagbearer, be it me or some other person.

With all the infighting in the party, I appeal to all my fellow flagbearer aspirants to take a public pledge to practice the kind of politics that is worthy of the SLPP, and to publicly commit to support 100 percent whoever wins the flagbearer elections. As for me, I so declare without reservation! Win or lose, I will support the eventual flagbearer with all my heart, organizing talent and financial power.

Finally, I appeal to all SLPP flagbearer aspirants today to release public statements or videos calling on President Ernest Koroma and Parliament to lift the emergency Ebola restrictions, open up the democratic space, and allow all Sierra Leoneans to work together to help rebuild Sierra Leone after the country’s long nightmare.

SLPP, let’s get back to State House with a solid democratic majority in Parliament and do great things to make Sierra Leone a shining light on the hilltop of Africa!

I remain your humble servant,

Alie Kabba