Alieu Iscandari Blasts The Judiciary’s Incompetence And Political Dependence.

By Alieu Iscandari Esq………

Good Morning from Casablanca in Morocco.

For those amongst my colleagues who thought by their actions, which directly or indirectly resulted in the illegal, unjudicious restraint on my freedom, stay tuned. Am about to rip some folks a new “ass-hole”. You celebrated, in my absence from the court room, thought you were going to drown my voice with our nonsensical beats in court. You have woefully failed and your attempts to embarass me personally ,professionally and otherwise, will be your undoing.

To those brothers who came to my jail cell to get me, walked with me back into court and served as the protectors of my dignity. Here’s a teary thank you. For that one single lawyer who received communication from that politician, which communication she used In her attempt to embarass me, hold on to your tights darling. You threw the gauntlet. I humbly accept. From here on your actions will be adjudged separately from that of your significant other, a man whose gentleness, class and style have always been something worthy of emulation.

And finally to that so-called “JACKASS” lawyer who videotaped me and sent it out to the world. Look out “Wascallehs” gonna get your mama.

I still believe that 16 lawyers in a Bigamy case is 15 too damn many and that reflects clearly that most lawyers in Sierra Leone are damn idle. I still believe that multiple lawyers speaking at the same time in court, especially where the ONLY record of what’s being said is a magistrate’s or judge’s hand-writing that gets everything that’s being said, reflects the actions of a bar membership that has little or no respect for the court room.

It reflects a paucity of court room ethics as I have never experienced before in my over two decades career as a lawyer and truly this system needs fixing. When has speaking the truth and expressing an opinion or a perceived slight on the profession of law as is being practiced in my home country, been the basis of a contempt charge?

Though none was proffered. SOME of you guys in this noble profession are the problem rather than the solution, particularly those who ate more focused on the fact that they are senior to their more erudite colleagues, rather than focus on the cogency of their legal submissions. A system that takes more than three court sittings to establish whether or not a man accused of bigamy has indeed committed the crime of bigamy, is an inefficient dinosaur of a system that needs fixing.

Maybe, just may be there are too many cooks in the kitchen. More like 15 too many. Yes na so are say.

A system that uses Bail refusal and the threat of incarceration at a maximum security prison as weapons to force defendants to bend to their unjudicious will is a STINKING ROTTEN SYSTEM THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

The people that benefit from this system are the ones that are most interested in maintaining it to the detriment of the indigent, poor, and unconnected.

It’s time for A CHANGE and if it doesn’t come by persuasion some of us are willing to use other kick-ass methods to achieve change in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone.”

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