Ambassador Bockarie Stevens Squanders Students’ Allowances In Venezuela?

By Pormasu Takorfai…

As Ambassador Bockarie Stevens ands his team of diplomats at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC, USA are alleged to have squandered Sierra Leonean  students’ allowances In Venezuela, an open letter has been sent to His Excellency  Dr Ernest Bai Koroma in Sierra Leone

According to Sulaiman Forna, it is believed that Ambassador  Bockarie Kortu Stevens has sent agents to distract the students from pursuing him and his guilt. ” We are never going to relent until the last penny is paid. President Koroma should tell us whether Bockarie Stevens is really the people’s ambassador or the pompous exploiters of our future. Our president should not treat this like he did with the first ebola news. He should act immediately+, Sulaiman Forna complained.

All efforts to reach the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC for more clarification remained fruitless.

The rampant corruption of Sierra Leone’s diplomats at home and abroad goes on unabated and the President and his team continuously embrace the system as it was in the days of Siaka Stevens. Many of our Sierra Leonean diplomats are either known criminals or children of criminals and corrupt politicians who have been fraudulently looting the Country since the end of colonial rule..

See the  attached Open Letter : Sierra Leone Students’ Community, Venezuela.