APC:- A Mob Group Doubling As A Party!!!!

 By Saa Kaimachiande

Sierra Leone’s ruling party, APC (All People´s Congress), is a mob group that presents itself as a national party and that has shown by its acts and actions reckless disregard of the Rule of Law. A president that has no respect for the rules of his country has no business being in governance. Rules by their nature are what differentiate a civil society from an animal kingdom. When a leader goes the extra-mile to manipulate, distort, despoil and completely eviscerate the rules, as it is in Sierra Leone today, and as typified in the character of our president and his APC lap-dogs, is unquestionably mob rule that summarily engender chaos.

If our president believes in his present actions against his VP and indeed, actions which must be steeped in the dictates of our constitution, how come he is so averse to the processes delineated in the constitution of our country?? The fact is that his ginned up constitutional crisis has no legs and therefore he has to depend on executive fiat, cohesion and wanton threats to bulldoze his way into getting what he wants. From all reasonable perspectives, our president and his sun-red party have lost the argument against the VP in the court of public opinion and in law. All we are getting from them at this epic moment in our political discuss is defeating noise that has no bearing on the issues.

Certainly, they should be improving on their argument by abiding by and respecting THE RULE OF LAW rather than raising their voices. When our president took his oath of office, he swore and promised to uphold the dictates of our constitution and he must stick to that promise if his present argument about wanting to dismiss our VP in the eyes of the electorates and the international community should hold water.