APC Using Civil Registration Process (Census 2015) To Rig 2018 General Elections.

By Sheku Lexmond Koroma

Sierra Leone will, according to President Ernest Obai and NEC, have her general elections in Feb 2018. Yet even as I write, there are fears that the APC government has hardly put mechanisms in place for the upcoming elections. This delay tactics could only be deliberate; and this is more the reason why the general public, opposition parties and the international community should be keen to remind the government to ensure elections take place as stipulated in Feb. 2018.

According to a reliable source within the APC, the international community has visited Sierra Leone to inquire about progress made towards setting the stage for the February 2018 General Elections.
We are also told that the International community has refused to fund the CIVIL REGISTRATION PROCESS, but are willing to fund the NEC voters registration process instead. Going by information that the international community has now refused to fund the Civil Registration process, our source informs us that the APC government has hired a South African company for 12 million dollars to conduct the process with an upfront advance payment of 3 million dollars. The question that comes to mind is whether all of this is being done in a bid to rig the coming elections as it is widely rumoured. What is even more baffling however is that the same government which has declared our economy shattered and therefore using austerity measures to ameliorate the impact on the nation can engage in such an expensive venture, where there is an alternative offer by the international community if the exercise is undertaken by the legitimate institution – NEC. Now you may wish to ask the question whether Ernest and his government are patriotic and honestly committed to end poverty and suffering?

This APC government is so desperate and determined with ruthless intentions for the civil registration process to go ahead as planned because the recent national censors figures did not reflect our country’s population and consequently cannot be used. Their plan is to conduct the civil registration ahead of the voter’s registration so they will argue that THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THE VOTER REGISTRATION PROCESS since the data from the civil registration will then be imposed on SIERRA LEONEANS as the data to replace the NEC voters registration. Therefore, it is noteworthy fellow Sierra Leoneans to treat this matter of national interest with utmost seriousness. Our democracy has been suffocated by the APC. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and it is our duty to resist the said process – RESIST NOW. Hear me fellow Sierra Leoneans; hear me, Sierra Leone belongs to all of us, not just APC members. It takes all of us to make our country a better place. The rigging of an election starts at the civil registration process, not just on election day, and this action by the APC is DEFINATELY A PRE-ELECTION RIGGING EXERCISE. If we (Sierra Leoneans) fail to act now we have NO ONE TO BLAME.

The country is at crossroads with no increment in salaries IF ANY, yet the government has recently increased fuel price by over sixty percent. Sierra Leone is our country we deserve to enjoy the wealth of this nation.
As we are now approaching the coming election, we must reject the scare mongering, undemocratic behaviours, regionalism, tribalism and nepotism perpetrated by the government.
We should hope to have good medical facilities, food, daily electricity services, clean drinking water and a better life style for all Sierra Leoneans. Our destiny is in our hands, we should not let go of it. There is a clear choice in the next general election. We either choose to remain poor as a nation, die of diseases while we maintain a corrupt regime in power, or we vote for change. Ernest has paid us with disdain, with no regard for the poor. When he took power on 15th Nov 2007 he said this, “I SHALL START BY THANKING PRESIDENT AHMED TEJAN KABBA FOR ABLY PRESIDING OVER AN ELECTORAL PROCESS THAT CULMINATED IN THIS PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER IN COUNTRY AND FOR HIS STEWARDSHIP”. Today he is using undemocratic means to create another Chaos in a country he peacefully inherited. It is our duty to stop him now; we have a duty to protect our country from slanting into chaos again. Our youths are unemployed, crime rate is on the high, education is in a total mess, exams postponed due to lack of funding, whiles millions have been siphoned by the present government. More than ten million dollars of Ebola fund was mismanaged with criminal intent, as a result, so many of our compatriots died from Ebola. This APC government does not care for you or your well being.

The civil registration itself may not be a bad idea, but it is the plan behind it, we are against. The APC may like to use the civil registration data and extract it from the voter’s registration data; WE MUST SAY NO TO SUCH CRIMINAL ACT.
if will fail to stop them, we are back to the APC one party’s state. Ernest’s repressive style of leadership, his regime trudge corrupt practices has gaggled investors from our country.

Definitely, the prospects are not bright for the people of Sierra Leone if you allow APC to stay in power. Ernest’s attempt to stay in power and his undemocratic tactics are the same as that of Siaka Stevens and if left unhindered as it has been sometimes, there is no telling how far he will go; again you have the responsibility to stop him, this is your country, you have the same right as everybody Sierra Leonean. APC mustn’t be allowed to still our democracy once again. In order to avoid any future violence or overt manipulation in the coming election, we have to act now and the choice is OURS FELLOW COUNTRYMEN

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