“APC’s Economic Policy Is A Sham”; says J. J. Saffa.

By A Concerned Sierra Leonean…

At the 98.1FM Gud Morning Salone programme on Wednesday 15th November,2017, the perceived APC “Stainless Steal” Samura Kamara was tainted as a rustic rod and corrupt political manipulator.
According to JJ Saffa, the SLPP’s political giant, at the peak of the economic-boom in 2012 and 2013, Samura Kamara secretly negotiatd Sierra Leone’s oil plots’ deal with Vino Turbo and a Russian oil giant. He said the public was not informed on the actual deal, as stipulated by the national laws and may not be aware of the actual sale. He shared his opinion that the deal was over $200 million.

He further went on to reveal that, in 2012 with the GDP growth of 21 percent and huge iron-ore money afloat, Samura again sold 30% of Government shares of the Sierra Rutile Company for only $12 million while the experts valued the said 30 percent to be well over $45 million. This same Sierra Rutile was sold in December 2016 for $375 million, resulting in government shares worth $112 million in just 4 years.
JJ said the APC economic policy in this regard, like many others, is a sham. He stated that the public is demanding Samura and the APC to explain more on the sham under his direct watch:

1) How much did Sierra Leone got from the oil plots deal?
2) How was the money used?
3) Why was the government shares in Sierra rutile sold corruptly and cheaply to John Sesay and allegedly to EBK?
4) Why Samura did not take both the oil plots deals and Sierra Rutile sales to Parliament, as prescribed by law?

JJ Saffa further reminded the public that it was the same Samura Kamara who signed the duty-waivers that saw SIerra Leone losing billions of dollars, with kick-backs going to the APC government officials on a daily basis.

According to renown custom and excise experts, a kick-back received by corrupt officials for one trailer consignment at Water quay will buy 100 Ex-ray machines and at least two MRI scans for our hospitals which will save hundreds of lives per year.

The people of Sierra Leone have no confidence in Samura Kamara and the APC government in repossessing the moral duty and the economic decency to continue ruling Sierra Leone and enriching themselves. “Our Country deserves better”, he concluded.