APC’s Sahr Musa Yamba Embraces Mayoral Colleague-Aspirants.

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As the political race gathers momentum, the Mayoral Candidate of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party for the Koidu New Sembehun City Council- Sahr Musa Yamba has embraced his brothers- Sahr Sorie Biango alias Sagass, Reverend Fengai Nyandemoh and Aiah Berthalomeu Komba in a show of political tolerance and unity which is the hallmark of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.
Mr. Yamba acknowledges the immense contribution and strategic position and importance of former competitors and their supporters in the quest of the APC to consolidate the Mayoral seat of the KNSCC in the coming March 7th 2018 elections.
The Mayoral hopeful made it clearly known that he respects and acknowledges the invaluable contribution of his three brothers to the APC Party in the Kono District and their strategic position to ensuring victory is ours come March 2018.
“The unity and Comradeship in our Party is the strength which we build on to forge ahead and cement the ideals and gains of our APC throughout the country including Kono District,” Sahr Yamba stated.
He further maintained that the supporters of the three former competing aspirants are his brothers and sisters in the same struggle and fight to ensuring the APC emerges victorious in the coming election.
“I will embrace and encourage every supporter of my brothers to join me with their blessing to clinch the Mayoral seat of Koidu City come 2018 as our beloved Party has reposed trust and confidence in awarding me the Mayoral symbol.”

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