Arabs Habitually Rape And Enslave African Women.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…..

The Ugandan government has moved to BAN the recruitment of Ugandan housemaids, bound for Saudi Arabia. The move came after numerous reports and graphic viral videos, which revealed Ugandan and Kenyan women in slave-like conditions in the Arab World. Arab savagery against African housemaids can be so disturbing that viewers are often warned, before the torture videos are played. There is a viral video, for instance, in which an Ethiopian maid was tied and hung upside-down by her Saudi Arabian slave-masters, who whipped the woman like a condemned animal. The sorrowful pleas of the Ethiopian woman did NOT even move the Saudi Arabian savages. Rather than rescue its citizens, the government in Freetown has worsened the plights of enslaved Sierra Leonean girls in the Middle East, by issuing denials and claiming there are NO abused Sierra Leonean females in Kuwait. Why does the Sierra Leone government, particularly HATE its own people?

Thanks to the revolution in modern communication, this problem has a SOLUTION. Banning the recruitment of African women for the slave markets in the Arab World, is only the beginning. This problem can be largely SOLVED by any determined government, mostly through PUBLIC EDUCATION CAMPAIGNS on national radio, television and on social media, sensitizing African girls against the hellish fates that await them in the Arab World. If public education can sensitize people against Ebola, such campaigns can similarly reduce the flow of African women to the slave markets in the Arab World.

We NEED to recognize the FACT that Arabs are irredeemably committed to the enslavement of BLACK people. The Arabs were the FIRST to enslave Africans, and based on the primitive racism within their culture–even in the twenty-first century–Arabs have NO intention of renouncing the enslavement of BLACK people. As a matter of fact, African women are NOT the only victims of Arab savagery. Women from Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka and other poorer parts of Asia, have suffered similar fates in the Arab world. Rape, torture and the killing of housemaids, are very common in the Middle East. I will say it again: I have little or NO sympathy for Arabs who come to the West and complain about RACISM. Shamelessly hypocritical, Arab culture informally practices slavery in the twenty-first century, making Arabs more crudely RACIST than Europeans. The Sierra Leone government can reduce this tragedy, by staging PUBLIC campaigns intended to WARN young women against the rape, torture and the slave-like conditions that await them in the Arab World.