Bai Koroma’s Hidden Agenda:- John Sesay Replaces Sam-Sumana?

By Tamba Gborie…

It is no longer a secret that President Ernest Baibai Koroma wants John Sesay – his cousin to take the APC party leadership mantle from him and perhaps the presidency of Sierra Leone. President Koroma is using every plausible measures to promote John Sesay. Sources closed to State House confirm that president Koroma recruited Maya Kaikai, the Resident Minister East and the Local Government Minister Mrs. Diana Konomanyi-Kabba to lead John Sesay’s campaign. Their responsibilities include the introduction of John Sesay to the Paramount Chiefs (PCs) under the guise and secrecy of president Koroma’s zero Ebola Campaign by the end of March 2015.

Meanwhile, John Sesay’s campaign group has held several meetings behind closed doors introducing him to the PCs as President Koroma’s preferred candidate for the APC flag bearership for the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. “Na this man dae pa want for president, so he want you support.” Diana Konomanyi-Kabba boldly proclaimed while Maya Kaikai confirmed.

Our Paramount Chiefs are traditional leaders whose political neutrality is paramount to avoiding conflict of interest and ensuring trust in their leadership. Many PCs who believe in political independence distance themselves from Diana and Maya Kaikai’s proposals. Seemingly; a heavy blow is dealt into the Ministers´ and President Koroma’s plans to undermine our election procedures.

 Recently, PC Fengai Kaimachiandeh and a handful of other PCs who spoke out against the early campaign and breaking of election rules were served warning letters in the name of “failing to comply with Ebola bye laws.”

Maya Kaikai finds the PCs recalcitrant and disrespectful to his office for failing to endorse John Sesay, which saw many of them being served with such fabricated warning letters asking for explanations for the presence of Ebola in their Chiefdoms. How funny? The letter served in the name of Ebola is a camouflage to conceal their plans. My understanding is that the PCs who are served the letters have no Ebola presence in their Chiefdoms, but the two Ministers are using Ebola as a cover-up to help conceal their campaign for John Sesay.

The last time Ebola was reported in the entire Kono District was three weeks ago. For Hon Kaikai to accuse PC Kaimachiandeh of having one Ebola present in his Chiefdom is a big lie and a surprise to the Chief and Konoland as a whole.

A portion of the letter that caught my sight is and it reads; “May I intimate that your negative attitude towards this venture is a clear manifestation of undermining the successes of the structures put in place by both the Government under HE the president and the international community to eradicate this important enemy called Ebola.” What the Minister failed to understand is that he is dealing with a traditional leader who has nothing to do with his preferred choice of candidate as politics is not part of any PCs role of engagement.

The traditional chiefs made it clear that they are not politicians as per say; but natural rulers who have no reason to support a candidate because the Ministers want it so. “For us it wouldn’t work” the PCs said.

The poorly written letter takes away the rights of the PCs, disrespected and treated with utter scorn. Even the PCs who could not speak out against the proposal to support John Sesay would now ask whether their comrades deserve humiliation for not participating openly in politics.

Maya Kaikai and Diana Konomanyi-Kabba are none elected Ministers, they were appointed to office by the president, and it is therefore no surprise that these people would do anything that is in the interest of President Koroma even if such assignments are against the constitution and the laws of Sierra Leone. Theirs is more about retaining their jobs than working in the interest of the nation or the APC party.

If we are going by the electoral rules of our country, President Koroma has no reason to believe that he should set up a campaign group to promote John Sesay against the laws of our beloved land. Nevertheless, two Ministers in question are government officials paid from the national treasury and they should work in the interest of the nation and not in the interest of John Sesay at the detriment of the nation’s finances and resources.

The huge amount of money spent on John Sesay’s campaign should have been better used in repairing of our derelict roads, building more schools, improving the supply of electricity, water and perhaps in importing more food to help minimise hunger.

State House has some explanations to clarify in respect of the misappropriated Ebola Funds and John Sesay’s campaign. It is believed that a huge amount was deducted to finance John Sesay ´s President-to-be-campaign.

It could be recalled late last year that John Sesay breached the Ebola Emergency bye-laws. Police sources did say his arrest was thwarted by President Koroma who later invited him to State House to discuss as to how he could campaign without attracting public criticism.

Those who said they have not heard anything from John Sesay lately is because he is being engaged in a secret political campaign approved of by President Ernest Baibai Koroma under the false pretext of promoting President Koroma’s Zero Ebola Campaign. May God bless and save Sierra Leone.