Beaches in Sierra Leone

Culled from The National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone

Tourism in Sierra Leone is highly beach oriented. The beach areas of Sierra Leone fall into seven groups:

(i) Sulima, between the Moa and Mano Rivers. A relatively accessible area with good beaches.About 11km in length.

(ii) Turner’s Peninsular, an immense beach bar with an unbroken length of 100km, which appears to have a continuous quality beach.

(iii) Sherbro Peninsular, a similar beach bar, some 40km long on the south of Sherbro Island.

(iv) Shenge, a stretch of perhaps 15km of attractive beach in the Shengearea

(v) Freetown Peninsular, having a 40km length of coast facing South West from Aberdeen to Kent with exceedingly attractive and varied beaches by the Peninsular Mountains.

(vi) Lungi Beaches, along the Bullom Peninsular.Approximately 15km in length.

(vii) Scarcies Estuary, a beach bar of some 8km in length to the south of the Scarcies estuary.

The whole Western Coastline from Aberdeen to Kent comprises a series of excellent beaches with a variety of character. The southern shore from Kent to Tombo also has some small beaches of character, but beyond Tombo the coastal area becomes mud flats and swamps. The North Eastern Coastline has small beaches as well.

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