“ Beaucoup Ebola- Money Corruption” In Sierra Leone.

By Charles Charlieboy Curtis Thomas…

Caught in a massive ” beaucoup Ebola-money corruption scandal”, the President of the Republic os Sierra Leone, Baibai Koroma, may have to tell lies to get away from this . But whatever the President says, he will not be able to satisfactorily answer the following questions:

 1: Who is the Head of Ebola Taskforce? (The President)

 2: Who authorised the payment to the ‘ one man civil society” of Charles Mambu? (The President)

 3: Who employed Charles Mambu and the other rogues? (The President)

 4: Who collects Ebola money onbehalf of Sierra Leone? (The President)

 5: Who are the signatures to the Ebola money Bank accounts? (The President)

 6: What are the total monies collected for Ebola? (Only the President can answer that)

 7: How much money has been spent on Ebola? (Only the President can answer that)

 8: How many people have been killed by Ebola — names and addresses (The President don’t have a clue )

 9: What is the relationship between Charles Mambu and the fraudulent companies to President Koroma, APC and MPs? (The president says that information is classified)

10: Why blamed Charles Mambu and not President Koroma who is Head of Ebola taskfoce? (Because the President thinks we are stupid)

President Ernest Baibai Koroma (Head of Ebola Taskforce) should be blamed and held accountable for the missing Ebola money, not only poor Charles Mambu who only exploited a rotten system created by Government to get rich quick and create more Ebola deaths.


If a one man civil society Charles Mambu with limited access to Ebola money could corrupt such huge funds, how much more the head of Ebola Taskforce and powerful government officials with unlimited access to Ebola money may have chopped? ” ( PP )

Mr President, this scandal will hunt your presidency. Why did you remove your vice president as Head of the Ebola task force and made yourself head of the task force, only to get yourself in this mess ?