C4C Urges Government To Rescue Our Suffering Sisters In The Middle-East.

C4C Press Release…

Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 14, 2017: The Coalition for Change Movement Salone (C4C) today Sunday, May 14, joined millions across the globe to celebrate Mother’s Day.
C4C Global Chairman Dr. Alieu Iscandari joined the Gender Affairs Secretary Madam Lama Barrie-Conteh also the Women’s Leader, to pray for the Mothers of the Sierra Leonean girls who are under sexual exploitation in the Middle East.

The C4C leader called on the government of Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma to use its diplomatic connections to free the young women under sexual and labour bondage in Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.

The C4C Women’s Leader said she is disappointed that, since news of the trafficking of Sierra Leonean girls broke out on social media over a month ago, the government has done NOTHING to address the problem and meanwhile the victims continue to languish in the foreign lands.

C4C’s Women Leader also suggested that the government must use its diplomatic ties with the Middle East to have the women repatriated to Sierra Leone immediately and their perpetrators punished.

“We call on the Lungi Airport Authorities to institute a thorough screening process to prevent new batches of women from heading to the Middle East,” Barrie said.

In his address, the C4C’s U.K. Chairman Kevin Metzger (Esq) noted that if the government had improved on job opportunities, the young women might not have had cause to fall for any trickery. Kevin Metzger also thinks that it is the responsibility of government to swiftly declare wanted, the middlemen mentioned in the racket and bring the young women back home.