China Becoming Africa’s Neo-Colonial Master.

By A Concerned African…

Across Africa, the red flag of China is always flying. China is working to turn the entire African continent into a new colony. China’s approach in Africa is a new form of socio-economic colonialism.
China does not concern itself with good governance or anti-corruption campaigns and program to foster change, it doesn’t care about human rights in Africa – just as it doesn’t care about them in its own country. All the Chinese care about is money, and for that purpose they help install any African despot. Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, Congo, Namibia, Sierra Leone and other African nations have all been devastated by the communist plague.
This psychical epidemic is no less dangerous than physical ones like Ebola. It spreads fast through people’s minds and souls to their own detriment. It comes with symptoms. Everywhere it produces famine, disease, death and destruction. Its influence upset the ideologically-free settings enjoyed by Africans from ages, and led to the depersonalization of our people.
The pot-holed roads are cluttered with Chinese buses, taking people to markets filled with cheap Chinese goods that have destroyed our manufacturing and trade. More than a thousand miles of new Chinese railroads are crisscrossing the continent, carrying billions of tons of illegally-logged timber, diamonds and gold.
Chinese ‘cultural centres’ have sprung up throughout Africa, as far afield as the tiny land-locked countries of Burundi and Rwanda, teaching baffled local people how to do business in Mandarin and Cantonese. The land is scarred with giant Chinese mines, with slave labourers to extract iron ore, gold, diamonds and other natural resources.
Forests are being destroyed, with China taking up to 70 per cent of all timber from Africa. Once again we must kick the invaders and their African puppets out and get back our freedom! And we will!