Concerned Sierra Leoneans UK & Ireland Protest At Embassy in London.

By Joshua Lebbie &Tamba Gborie in London….

Concerned Sierra Leoneans  in the UK and Northern Ireland staged a PEACEFUL PROTEST on April 9, 2015 in front of the Sierra Leone High Commission at Eagle Street in London, UK.

The well organised GROUP of demonstrators was composed of dignitaries and people from all walks of life, various political MEMBERS from the APC, SL.PP, PMDC, ADP, friends of SIERRA LEONE and PROFESSIONALS amongst others,

The positioned statements and areas of concern of the protestors included President Ernest Koroma’s unconstitutional removal of the elected VP Chief Alhaji Abu Bakarr Sam Sumana from office and his attempt to kill democracy and bring back the war years.

The Slogans read:- Constitunalism Must Prevail, Stand Up For Justice, Respect The Rule Of Law!! We Want Democracy (Say No To Dictatorship), We Believe In Accountability!!, Stand Up For Justice, No To Tyranny, No To Dictatorship, Restore The VP, Victor Foh Must Go, Earnest Bai Koroma Must Go, Respect The Rule Of Law, Protect The Constitution, Bring Back VP Sam Sumana, Where Is The Ebola Money..Etc Etc.., Long Live The Constitution Of Sierra Leone, Long Live The Rule Of Law In Sierra Leone, Long Live The People Of Sierra Leone

 The slogans were sung through out the protest. The protestors denounced the actions of the president and condemned him outright. They handed over to their formal documents of protest to the Deputy High Commissioner HE Mansa Tamba Ngegba.

Mr Ngegba did welcome the demonstrators assuring them that their protest is on record and he will make sure their message is delivered to HE Ernest Bai Koroma.

He further encouraged the protestors that the High Commission is their home and the doors of the Mission is open to every Sierra Leonean irrespective of political party, tribe, race or creed.

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