CSL’s 2017 Executive & Advisory Board Announced.

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“Concerned Sierra Leoneans” Inc., (CSL) is an organization that was founded spontaneously in the aftermath of the alleged embezzlement of Ebola Funds, the unpopular sacking of the Vice President of Sierra Leone by the President of Sierra Leone, which required interpretation of the constitution by the Supreme Court and various other alleged human, civil rights and constitutional abuses. President Ernest Bai Koroma’s perceived disregard and disdain of our constitution and the rule of law and the threat his administration potentially posed to our weak and fledgling democracy made it necessary for Concerned Sierra Leoneans to formerly organize as an advocate for a better Sierra Leone.

“Concerned Sierra Leoneans” is dedicated to advocate for the growth, development and stabilization of Sierra Leone within the parameters of, and in adherence to, our constitution, the rule of law, good governance, transparency, probity and accountability. To ensure that any national government of Sierra Leone, regardless of political party affiliation, will respect, preserve and protect the constitution; protect and promote human rights; remain accountable to the people; strengthen our democracy and work to eliminate corruption. In short, Concerned Sierra Leoneans assumes the awesome responsibility of serving as the voice of the people, and commits itself to raising the people’s voice whenever their human rights are trampled upon; whenever democracy and good governance are deviated from; and whenever the constitution is violated.

“Concerned Sierra Leoneans” believes that for our democracy to succeed we need to have a strong and independent Judiciary, a Parliament that stringently represent the interests of the people and is answerable to the people, an executive that abides by and protects our constitution and law enforcement agencies that respect the basic human rights, civil rights, freedom from persecution, freedom of the press and other rights protected by our constitution.

“Concerned Sierra Leoneans” hereby announces its 2017 executive and advisory board that will work towards achieving these goals and objectives.

*The 2017 Advisory Board*

1. Mr. M. Alieu Iscandari
2. Mr. Kevin Metzger
3. Mr. Emmanuel Abdulai
4. Mr. Abdul Fatoma
5. Mr. Anthony McMillon
6. Ms. Nyamacoro Sarata Silla

*2017 Executive Board Members*

Executive Director – Mr. Jesmed Suma
Deputy Executive director – Mr. Aiah Fanday
Secretary-general – Mr. Abdul Kabba
Financial Secretary – Mr. Abou Jalloh
Treasurer – Mr. Mohamed Bangura (Okoya)
Communications director – Mr. Ibrahim Sheriff
Spokeswoman – Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu
Special Legal Counsel – Mr. Francis Ben Kaifala
Grievance & Rules Chair – Ms. Patricia Thorpe
Outreach Committee Chair – Mr. Francis Mattia
Research Committee Chair – Mr. Aruna Bangura
Advocacy Committee Chair – Mr. Aiah Fanday

Abdul Kabba
Concerned Sierra Leoneans

*“The people’s government, made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people.” Daniel Webster*

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