David Tam-Baryoh Arrested.

By Pormasu Takorfai….

The VOB has just been informed that the Sierra Leonean Journalist and Manager of Monologue Radio, David Tam-Baryoh, has been arrested and whisked to the CID Headquaters for questioning.

His arrest and detention, if confirmed, should not be disassociated from his recent interwieing of the Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana, Musa Tamba Sam and his strong warnings to the APC regime of President Ernest Koroma on his handling of the Ebola crisis and the Intention of amending the constitution to remain in Office for another term as President of the Republic of Sioerra Leone.

Messrs David Tam-Baryoh and Musa Tamba Sam are suspected to have discussed very sensitive issues on the Monologue Radio relating to President Ernest Bai Koroma’s Intention of running for a Third Term. It is also believed that the two men objectively cautioned the government to alter its so-called “Third-Term Agenda”, focus on the fight against the Ebola Virus  and reflect on the current saga  in Burkina Faso, as a strong warning to all African politicians whose dubious Intention is focussed on the illegal amendment and maipulation of their national constitutions to retain absolute power.

Konos, at home and abroad, are greatly worried and upset with what is currently happening to their land and kinsmen. A prominent Konoman, Komba Wusu in the UK questioned; “Is Sierra Leone becoming a police states? Or is Sierra Leone becoming a dictatorship state?” That’s what the present administration is leading our country to. All the signs are evidence of a dictatorship state. In any democratic and lawful state, police always give reasons for any Arrest”

It is really evident that  human rights abuses are on the increase in Konoland and Sierra Leone at large. *Corruption is at it highest in the life history of our Nation and tyranical operations are set up to silent journalists”, Mr Komba Wusu concluded.

Is Sierra Leone becoming a police State under the leadership of President Dr.Ernest Bai Koroma? Why is he  silencing press freedom? Why is the VP being politically quarantined? There is great fear that the current APC government will make another Francis Minah of the current VP, Chief Alhadji Samuel Sidikie Sam-Sumana. Another dirty politics in the making?

Mr KELVIN LEWIS of SLAJ (Sierra Leone Association Of Journalists) did visit David Tam-Baryoh at the CID. “I have spoken to David at CID he complained of chest pains. I was there when Dr Russel inspected him and found his pressure high and in a state of “hypertensive emergency.” Dr Russel advised the CID boss to get a 2nd opinion to avoid bias but also that David should be admitted to avoid a medical crisis. We now wait for the decision on when to admit David and where. David told me he was shown an executive detention order signed by His Excellency for “incitement” and just I have just been informed he will be admitted in the prison facility at Pademba road but waiting for proper confirmation on that”, Kelvin Lewis outlined.

Such a draconian form of democracy of the APC government in Sierra Leone is gradually fermenting a very serious uprising, if not quickly dealt with, that will return the country back into the dark days of a civil instability. “Is Sierra Leone now becoming a police or dictatorial state?” , Sahr Sinah asked. Mr Sahr Sinah is rightly convinced that “there are all indications that the current political dispensation is heading in that direction of a serious pattern of dictatorship” He continued; “In any democratic state that upholds the Rule of Law, police always give reasons for any arrest being made, but in a country where innocent citizens are arbitrarily arrested, incarcerated or sometimes killed and the authorities or perpetrators get away with their atrocities with impunity, then I’m afraid but I have to say it, something very disastrous is happening and inevitable. Another Civil war or the likes of what took place in Burkina Faso could be anyone’s guess. Trust me. In Sierra Leone today, the abuses of Human Rights and Civil Liberties are rapidly on the rise; absolute corruption is rampant; tyrannical and overt operations to silent journalists and human rights activists are also on the increase.” He finally appealed to His Excellency, Ernest Bai Koroma; “ Come on Ernest Koroma and your cronies, use your wisdom to reverse this sad and unfortunate situation.”

Raymond Kaimachiande briefly explained on Facebook that when he was the Supervisor of Detention at the main Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, USA, housing almost 4,000 (four thousand inmates), he had never “envisioned seeing any officer bringing in inmates without the CORRECT CHARGE, STATUTORY CHARGE CODE AND COMPLETE INCIDENT REPORT.” “My jail was not a political retaliation facility, and subordinates knew their job will be on line or criminal investigation pursued trying any illegal fishing expedition”, he concluded.

Aiah Bondowa Kaiwuma Tondoneh was not pleased with the way “President Koroma ordered the police to arrest children and innocent people in Konoland” He called on the President to “ apologise for his mistakes, take full responsibility and implement a public independent enquiry or resign.”

Mr Samuel Saquee objectively outlined  that he will “never justify arbitrary use of power” in any form. He outrightly defended the costtitution of Sierra Leone in clearly pointing it out “that notwithstanding, however bad our constitution might be and until and unless it is repelled or amended, it still remains the law of the land, which he whole heartedly respects.”

Mr Saquue explained that “The constitution provides for emergency regulations that could responsibly be used to protect the citizens of the land while at the same time infringing on some aspects of their inalienable rights. The purpose of the state of emergency in this case is to empower the President to restrict certain aspects of our inalienable rights in furtherance of fighting the Ebola scourge afflicting us and depleting every aspect of our wellbeing and our very lives.”

“So for some rogue journalist to be using a radio station with the surreptitious intention of undermining a failed government that he was instrumental in bringing to power, under the guise of expressing his fundamental right of freedom of expression, is very laughable to me.” He further made it clear that he is “aware that emergency regulations undermine the spirit of the rule of law as propounded and popularized by John Lock and Baron de Montesquieu respectively. But as long as they are part of our constitution and when evoked, they must be respected.”

Many Konos at home and in the diaspora are optimistically praying for peace, security and progress to return to their native land, irrespective of the total exploitation and neglect rained on them since diamonds were first discovered in the 1930s