David Tam Baryoh. How U Porttor So?

By Prof Sankara Kamara….

David Tam Baryoh’s decision to join the same government he used to trenchantly accused of corruption, is unfortunate. If you join a corrupt political system that is irreversibly opposed to change, you will betray your principles. David Tam Baryoh has the right to join any political party in Sierra Leone. However, Baryoh’s turncoatism, which has transformed him into a propagandist for the same APC he once criticized, gives his {former} admirers the right to characterize him as a FAKE patriot and purposeful opportunist. Strategically speaking, a patriot can join the rotten system he once criticized, for at least one reason. If an unpatriotic political system changes course and sincerely tries to reform itself, patriots can join its ranks to lubricate the wheels of change. What would people say, if I choose to pervert myself as an APC propagandist, after years opposition to the party’s institutionalized criminality? I would be called a traitor, and rightly so!

Is there a scenario in which I would join the APC? Yes. If the party produces a PATRIOTIC candidate or president who thinks, talks and ACTS like a patriot, I will become an APC man for as long as that particular leader remains pro-Sierra Leonean. Joining a political system that shows NO remorse for its criminal record, amounts to an act of opportunism synonymous with betrayal. How does Tam Baryoh hope to change a criminally powerful system that is so remorseless that even the most RECENT millions of dollars meant for landslide victims, were stolen? When David Tam Baryoh was arbitrarily arrested by the APC government few years ago, well-meaning Sierra Leoneans–both at home and abroad–did a lot to oppose that variant of injustice. I personally publicized his arrest by contacting Amnesty International and a couple of reputable news agencies. While no one in the Diaspora can claim credit for Tam Baryoh’s release from jail, the publicity he attracted in detention, significantly prevented his case from being swept under the rug.

Let us STOP fooling ourselves. Those who join a decidedly criminal political system, are mostly driven by opportunism. Such turncoats were never patriotic, in the first place. After all, every Sierra Leonean knows that the APC is a diehard group of anti-Sierra Leonean operatives, ready to imprison or kill any errand boy with a patriotic mindset. The party that killed Dr. Sorie Forna will certainly eliminate any patriot who preaches against the looting of Sierra Leone. From Mohamed Bangura to Tam David Baryoh, there are unprincipled Sierra Leoneans who would sacrifice seven million compatriots to opportunism, just to get on board the gravy train. As an officially recruited propagandist of a government sworn to the production of misery in Sierra Leone, David Tam Baryoh has PUBLICLY lost a priceless asset, which is RESPECT.