Demonstration In Freetown Against Corruption And Bad Governance.

By Bondu Yegbedah…
A good number of Sierra Leoneans demonstrated today, April 16th in front of the US Embassy in Freetown against the illegal dismissal of the Vice President, Sam-Sumana and the chronic misappropriation of the Ebola Funds by the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma.
The  active move of these patriotic Sierra Leoneans in standing up against the dictatorial rule of President Koroma and his cronies emiitted various reactions on the social media.
 “Yes, at last!!! Courage to the people of Sierra Leone”,  Madam Fuambai Sia Ahmadu of the Kono Union USA, Inc commented.

” We applaud  all those patriotic Sierra Leoneans ,who showed solidarity in today´s demonstration .We are proud of you all ,you have our support-  Together we can restore constitutional order in Sierra Leone .Massive thank you for your patriotism”, Mr Michael Jack Muana posted on his timeline.

JMr ulius Aruna  was so proud of such a demonstrative move and outlined; “The Land that we love, the Lion Mountains is on the verge of rising once again. People’s power is the strongest after GOD’s and we must all be proud of our brothers and sisters who risk everything to stand for justice. I commend every effort of every patriot all around the world because the revolution has begun and may GOD guide, guard and protect us all through this entire ordeal. I am so proud to be a Sierra Leonean. We will support each other by all means necessary because United we stand and United we will serve justice to our homeland Sierra Leone. May GOD bless us all always”.

Many Sierra Leoneans, at home and abroad, are dissatisfied with the pasive moves of the oppositoion parties in the country for not standing up in the defence of the constitution and the fight to help bring back the misappropriated Ebola Funds.

Honorable Paran Tarawally of the SLPP, who is currently in the diaspora on visits, was dissatisfied with the dormant move of other SLPP Members Of Parliament  at home.

 “Those gathered in front of the US Embassy today are the true democrats. We, as the people’s representatives have renaged on our democratic responsibilities. We are gradually betraying that sacred duty which the people bestowed on us in November, 2012. Why did we then ask for their mandate? To defeat the cause for which they voted us into Office?”, he went on.

He then called on all LPP MPs  to wake up from their slumber. “Come out of your state of stupor; the people need leadership “, he called on.

Global Times Newspaper Online's photo.

Global Times Newspaper Online's photo.
Global Times Newspaper Online's photo.

A  Senior PoliceOfficer  confirmed that some youths, believed to be “SLPP” supporters  gathered this morning at the US Embassy in Freetown chanting slogans against the government of President Ernest Bai Koroma. He then explained that the Inspector General Of Police has ordered the LUC of Mountain Division, Supt. Alfred Dassama, to immediately despatch riot Police officers to coil down the illegal Demonstration.

The youths were protesting against the unconstitutional appointment of Victor (Vouchergate) Foh as Vice President of Sierra Leone and the misappropriation of millions of Dollars of the Ebola funds.

As we go to press, the Sierra Leone Police was succesful in persuading the so-called “protesting SLPP youths” to leave the premises of the US Embassy. No force was used to disperse the Demonstrator from .the US Embassy compound.  

Michael Jack Muana's photo.

Michael Jack Muana's photo.
Michael Jack Muana's photo.