Diana Konomanyi’s Thugs Hunting Finda Diana Koroma?

By  Finda Diana Koroma….

Good Morning Sierra Leone:…

Early this morning my cousin and namesake Diana Finda Konomanyi (Minister of Local Government) sent thugs to look for me at my parents house in Wellington, Freetown. When they could not find me in the house, they resorted to threaten my father (Diana’s uncle). After Diana’s thugs left the house they went to my college campus at MMCE to look for me. When they could not find me, they threatened my friends.

Diana’s threats will not stop me from exposing her devilish acts against the people of my homeland Kono. I will continue to stand up for my native-land. There is nothing she can do to stop me. If she really wants me to stop me, she must first ask the people of Kono for forgiveness and promise them in public that she will stop her witch hunting of the sons and daughters of Kono.

Our people have suffered for too long in the hands of this devil. If needs be I am prepared to die for the rights of our people to have their deserved dignity, human rights, democratic rights, control over their land and their destiny. This is something my parents approved of. And because of the love they have for their native-land, they are prepared for the consequences. I warned you many times Diana to keep of your divisiveness that has cause so much tension ad pains in Kono. But you are blinded by power and corrupt money, so you refuse to listen. You forced me to choose between you and my native-land Kono. Kono is bigger than both of us, so I choose Kono over you and I have no regret. This fight will continue until you change your ways towards Kono and its people of Kono.

Diana my cousin, you know me and we came a long way together. I know a lot about your private life because I was part of your private life. If you do anything to my father (your uncle) I will publish all those pictures of you that I took from your phone and your private home computer last August 2015. I will confess here that I was the one who deleted those pictures from your phone and your computer not your former house-maid Theresa, whom you abuse and threw out of your house. I have them and I will post them on social media if you and your thugs ever again step on the doorsteps of my parents house. You know what is in those pictures and I know that you will never be the same person after I release those pictures on social media. To prove that I have them, I will send them to your email today. I would like to Whatsapp them to you but since you have power over the phone companies and that will jeopardize my safety, since the phone companies will allow you and your thugs to locate me. That will never happen. I am right now very close to your house. You and your thugs will never find me, because I am protected by the people of this great country Sierra Leone. You have been warned cousin.