Diasporan Konos Demonstrate Against OCTEA & Injustice In Konoland.

By Pormasu Takorfai…

Concerned Konos in the UK and USA have been given the green light to peacefully demonstrate against the unconstitutional behaviour of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his cronies and also against  the illegally-legal OCTEA/Tiffany & Co Diamond Mining Companies operating and  illegally exploiting the rich Mineral resources of Konoland without paying taxes to the authorities that be.

Tiffany & Co buys illegal “Blood Diamonds” from OCTEA in Sierra Leone. The President of Sierra Leone, Dr Dr Ernest Baibai Koroma is also the Executive President of the OCTEA mining Company which has recently been exempt by the Judiciary of Sierra Leone from paying any taxes to the nation.

The OCTEA and President Koroma were being mentioned in the PANAMA PAPERS of having dubious financial deals in the notorious tax-evation offshore banking business operating in Panama.

The Demonstration in London, UK has been approved and authorised by the  METROPOLITAN POLICE. The USA group has also been authorised by the US government to demonstrate at the TIffany & Co Diamond Buying Office in Maryland, USA.

All is set for a combined peaceful demonstration on SATURDAY, 23RD APRIL 2016.

“The  SECURITY is WATERTIGHT and all participants are being cautioned to use all peaceful means to air the suffering views of the people of Konoland”, Mr A.Y.Sodengbe in London emphasised.

Konos Against Exploitation