Donnald Trump’s Dubious Russian Connections Unearthed.

By Zarina Zabrisky……

Left: Flynn and Donald Trump at Trump International Penncylvania Hotel, NW, September 2016. Getty Images. Right:Flynn, center left, sits next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at an event last year to mark the Kremlin-controlled RT television network’s 10th anniversary. (Michael Klimentyev/Sputnik via Associated Press@Washington Post)

Trump’s military adviser works for the RT (Russia Today), Kremlin’s multi-billion propaganda network.

In 2015, Michael T. Flynn, one of Trump’s vice presidential running mate candidates, was seated next to the Russian president Vladimir Putin a gala dinner in Moscow in honor of RT. Before the event, Flynn gave a paid talk on world affairs to a group.


Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a Russian oligarch, a Putin’s ally, Oleg Deripaska started an investment fund in Cayman Islands in 2007. The deal failed and Deripaska who committed to invest $100 million filed a legal action in 2014.

                         Left: Putin and Deripaska. Right: Trump and Manafort.
Manafort officially worked as a political consultant for Ukraine’s ruling party and personally advised the now-toppled Russian puppet Victor Yanukovich from 2006–07 to 2012.
He was introduced to Yanukovich by Rinat Akhmetov, a Ukrainian oligarch. An official Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs report titled the “Overview of the Most Dangerous Organized Crime Structures in Ukraine” identified Akhmetov as a leader of an organized crime syndicate. He has allegedly financed the Russian separatists in South-Eastern Ukraine.
Left: Yanukovich and Putin. Center: Yanukovich and Akhmetov. Right: Akhmetov and Manafort.
Manafort stepped down from his post in the Trump campaign in August 2016 after questions were raised about large payments he allegedly received from pro-Russian entities.
                           Left, center: Yanukovich and Putin. Right: Trump and Manafort.


Carter Page, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers, has investments in the Russian government owned gas company Gazprom. He worked in Moscow for Merrill Lynch in 2004–2007. A partner in his New York-based investment fund is a former Gazprom executive Sergei Yatsenko. The fund specialty is oil and gas deals in Russia and other Central Asian countries.

In July 2016 Page gave a graduation speech at a college in Moscow and met with Igor Sechin, a close ally of Putin and the executive chairman of Rosneft, an oil company owned by the Russian government.


Left, Center: Carter Page in Moscow at the Russian School of Economy, July 2016. Right: Putin and Igor Sechin.

Page has criticized economic sanctions against Russia in the most peculiar piece of writing comparing the measures to the police lethal shooting of unarmed African-American men. He stepped away from Trump’s campaign in September 2016 after the press coverage of his Moscow connections.


Left: Business Card. Right: Donald Trump and Bayrock Group Chairman Tevfik Arif, center, and executive Felix Sater attend the Trump Soho launch party on Sept. 19, 2007, in New York.
Felix Sater joined Bayrock Group LLC , a real estate firm with the office in Trump Tower, and played a major role throughout the process of the building’s construction. Sater was convicted of attacking a man in a Manhattan bar with a broken margarita glass in 1991, opening facial wounds that required 110 stitches. After going to prison, he admitted taking part in a $40 million securities fraud that involved several members of New York Mafia families.
He pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering in the Wall Street case in 1998 as part of an agreement with US prosecutors to serve as a confidential informant in investigations involving organised crime and national security. Around 2010, Sater went to work for Trump directly, carrying a Trump Organization business card that described him as a “senior adviser to Donald Trump.
Left: Tevfik Arif, Ivanka Trump, Trump. Right: Arif and Trump.
Tevfik Arif, Bayrock Group founder and Sater’s boss, was arrested in Turkey in 2010 on suspicion of running a high-priced prostitution ring. Bayrock is now investigated on the subject of the unexplained cash infusions from Russia and Kazakhstan and receiving financing from a firm used by Russians “in favor with” Putin. Trump and Bayrock partnered with the Sapir Organization, led by the now-deceased Tamir Sapir and his son Alex.
Left: Trump, and Tamir and Alex Sapir. Right: Felix Sater and Alex Sapir.
Left: Trump and Tamir and Alex Sapirs. Center: The Trumps and Alex Sapir. Right: The Trumps and Alex Sapir.
Alex Sapir and his business partner and brother-in-law Rotem Rosen accompanied Trump on his visit to Moscow in 2013. Together, they met with Aras Agalarov, an Azeri-born, Moscow-based oligarch and another Putin’s ally.
After the Miss Universe contest in Moscow, 2013: Rotem Rosen, Aras Agalarov, Donald Trump and Alex Sapir.

Rotem Rosen is the right hand man of Soviet-born Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, an oligarch with longstanding ties to Putin who calls the Russian president a “true friend.

Left: center, seated, Tamir Sapir, standing, Lev Leviev. Center: Lev Leviev and Putin. Right: Lev Leviev and Donald Trump

Aras Agalarov invested $20 million in Trump’s Miss Universe competition in Moscow in November 2013, right after Putin decorated Agalarov with the Order of Orders in Kremlin in October. Notorious Russian mobsters and Putin’s loyal old friends attended the event.

Aras Agalarov and Putin. Right: Trump and Aras and Emir Agalarov in Moscow.