EBOLA Imprisons Diaspora Sierra Leoneans For Christmas 2014.

By Mohamed Robinho Bockarie Jr…

NO “JAYCEES” FOR CHRISTMAS 2014..YEAH! What and how will the Christmas 2014 holidays look and be like without our “Jaycee brothers and sisters” (Diaspora Sierra Leoneans) and their friends?

Mid- November is normally the time they start arriving in Sierra Leone from the cold European and American weather. People in Sierra Leone would not expect any of these people this year. They have been kept incommunicado, following the outbreak of the Ebola Virus. Many of the diaspora Sierra Leoneans are still looking forward to visiting their motherland, but they are genuinely scared.

They could not be blamed for not revisiting their loved ones in the land of peace and love. They are West Africans and not the Ebola Virus. Some Western media organisations have turned West Africa into something else. But who would really miss these guys?

TRAVEL AGENCIES – They are doing badly. At least 1,000 Sierra Leoneans would have returned to this country for Christmas.

DREG MAN DEM – The “BRA-U-BORBOR-DAE-YA” boys are devastated. They would normally catch a few dollars from Jaycees, but they should just forget about everything. Remittances are going where they belong.

YOUNG WOMEN – Some strike it lucky at times like this with some Jaycees who end up marrying them and taking them abroad. The vast majority couldn’t be bothered. For these young ladies, Jaycees are” Baa Nya Fayki” who lie through their teeth in Freetown, quickly change their telephone numbers and close their email accounts when they return back to Babylon waiting for another Christmas to catch a new victim. Sheyooooor!

THE GRAFTON WATER – It used to be the trademark for thousands of Jaycees with a Grafton water bottle and a white towel on the main streets of Freetown. Even those who left Freetown half way through the year always carry those symbols to demonstrate that they are different from us. Not bad. The producers of Grafton water would miss the Jaycees but not that much. because Guma Valley is so bad that we also spend our last pennies to buy Grafton water.

THIEVES – No Jaycee, no Christmas pick-pocketing. It’s as simple as that. All home-based people are too clever to allow their pockets to be pick-pocketed even at Abacha Street. It all depends if there is something in there to steal away. Times are getting hard.

HARDUP WAN KILL WE OH! (“We are dying of poverty!”)- We cannot say the same for armed robberies…It’s getting worst everyday in Sierra Leone. Irrespective of the countless youth unemployment, this Christmas will surely witness many armed robberies and deaths in Sierra Leone As long as our underpaid corrupt Police Officers continue backward, life will be so miserable for the average Sierra Leonean hustler. The Ebola State of Emergency is squeezing the last breath that vomits out the truth against the system that be.