Emmerson Bockarie Is A Patriot.

By Prof Sankara Kamara…

Sierra Leonean musical star, Emmerson Bockarie, is a patriot. Clearly nonpartisan, Emmerson has criticized successive governments in Sierra Leone, with merciless efficiency. As a matter of fact, Emmerson was MORE brutal with the SLPP government, than he is with the present group of looters. When the SLPP was in power, Emmerson released “Borbor Belleh,” a pitilessly ferocious political satire in which the government was associated with the ugliest characterizations. In “Borbor Belleh,” Emmerson referred to SLPP politicians as “thieves,” because, in his words, “Den sidom nor mor pan thief.” He also “prayed” for the souls of SLPP politicians to burn in hellfire. As if that was not blistering enough, Emmerson cursed SLPP politicians in very deep Krio, saying, he wishes politicians “Baballa disaster way go make den gbenkideki befoe den kick bokit.” To crown it all, Emmerson said, “If some man nor die, Salone nor go lef for cry.”

All that damnation was directed at the SLPP, and I agreed with him. When the current government was in opposition, they actually clapped for Emmerson, as he whipped the politicians on the other side. Why is the APC government and its propagandists fuming with rage, over the comparatively mild criticisms issued by Emmerson, in one of his latest songs? Music has always acted as a prompter of social awareness. Robert Nesta Marley, AKA Bob Marley, used music to preach black liberation and oppose corruption in his native Jamaica. Leave Emmerson alone. Patriotism does NOT mean blind, TRIBAL loyalty. Patriotism has NOTHING to do with the registering of sycophantic support for a government that CANNOT even provide a SIMPLE service like PURE, drinking water, for its citizens.

Emmerson is NOT the problem. The APC has willfully failed to learn the lessons taught by the civil war. As the people continue to SUFFER, the political system should worry about the ticking time bomb it is creating through man-made poverty, in a naturally RICH country. God willing, Swegbe go gbenkideki befoe E kick bokit.

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