Ernest Bai Koroma’s Bad-Governance Cake.

By Umaru Sitta Turay USA

It all happened on today’s date, May 22nd 2015 at the Bintumani Conference Centre. The President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma was given his own share of the bad governance cake that he himself is the baker.

At the National Security Conference, organized by the Office Of  National Security (ONS) in the Bintumani hall, Ernest Bai Koroma was enjoying himself giving out his speech when the hall experienced a total blackout. The first phase of the blackout took about forty minutes. Ernest waited for electricity to return in that forty minutes and it so happened. When Ernest started his speech afresh and became confident that this time around electricity will not fail him it went out again.

The self-named “World’s Best” became angry. He was so angry that he began beating the table. The hall became silent and the president went on to beat the table in anger. Panic took over the hall. Everyone thought it was going to be something else and security was beefed up around the president.

The irony about the whole thing was that the meeting became unsecured, even when it was a  security conference. It started to puzzle participants why such thing would happen in the middle of a security conference. With extreme anger, Ernest Bai Koroma ordered the firing of the personnel that were responsible for the huge blackout in the conference hall. It is worth noting that Bitumani Conference Centre is now owned by NASSIT.

Immediately after Ernest ordered the firing of the officials, three NASSIT officials were automatically  placed on leave. Dr.B.I.B. Kargbo, Director of Investment and  Projects, Mr. Tejan Kellah, Manager of  Bintumani Conference Centre and a third person  (name withheld)  have been officially told to go on leave.

No reason has been given for the big blackout  of the year but sources close to State house  has revealed that it will be associated  with the anger Sierra Leoneans have got for the president on how he has been handling the  country lately. It is suspected that Sierra Leoneans have decided to send a message to  the President in this kind of way telling him that  he has not done well for the country’s peace  and development.

An International NGO worker that was present at the meeting told me that it was a total embarrassment and a scary situation when the electricity went out. He said that he was shaking like a winter bird when armed personnel started moving in the hall, as if there was going to be a coup. The said NGO worker however told me in a joke that, it is the cake of bad governance for the president. He should have enjoyed it instead of going berserk.

Can this be one of the first signals that Ernest will not end up his term in respect? Or it is a sign that he will soon face an impeachment?