Fatal Accident In Kono.

By Samuel Saquee…

Today is a sad day for the people of Kono and the National Ebola Response Commission(N.E.R.C.) as one of their vehicles used to ferry workers to and from the command center in the Kimbadu Resettlement was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the life of one Pa. Kabia, a local resident and the grandson hospitalized at the Koidu Government Hospital. According to eye witnesses report, the driver of the said vehicle, John Ndobu Sonsiama, lost control when the toque rod got broken thus rendering the vehicle uncontrollable until it drifted off the road and knocked down the victims who were seated in the veranda of their house.Presently, the body of the late Pa Kabia is at the Koidu Government hospital awaiting the doctors report and subsequent burial while the driver is detained at the Tankoro police station pending investigations.

Nevertheless, the three year old boy, Alhaji Kabbia that was involved in the accident earlier has passed away. As I write this piece, I am perturbed by the somber unison of the sound of weeping coming from the bereaved family just next door. I am devastated!