Final APC Kono Intra-Party Peace Process.

By El-Hajj KB Bangura (a.k.a PortLoko)………

In an unprecedented approach, the Kono District Chairman of the ruling All Peoples Congress party, Comrade Francis K. Gbondo-Penepani and his executive, today, 11 December 2016 brought together all the aggrieved fractions in the on-going intra-party conflict in the District Youth League.

In his opening remarks, Chairman Gbondo gave a synopsis of previous failed peace agreements signed. Comrade Gbondo said, we failed in our previous peace processes because we were not honest amongst ourselves. He affirmed the party’s hierarchy commitments to ensuring peaceful coexistence in the District Youth League. According to him, development would come to any community, city or country when there is peaceful atmosphere, and Kono is no exception to such a rule. He called on all the parties to be sincere and channeled all grievances to him. We must embrace peace and stop to gossip one another, to move forward, he added.

With tears of joy in her eyes, the District Secretary General, Comrade Fanta Tachequee, gave an emotional speech. She called on all the parties to embrace peace. She said, today’s peace process is a sing of victory for the party in the 2018 polls. She reiterated the party’s hierarchy commitments to total peace. Comrade Tachequee thanked the almighty God for such a wonderful day in the History of the ruling APC party in Kono District.

The District Youth League Leader, Comrade Mohamed Gbandagbra said, he would embrace all the parties. He called on youth to embrace this peace. Development would come to Kono now that the political atmosphere is conducive, he added.

Adamu Eze, the leader of the Last Man Standing, and one of the protagonists in the on-going intra-party conflict spoke tough. He called on APC District youth to resist politicians using them for all the wrong reasons. Politicians must help us to better our lives rather than using us for all the wrong course, he added. He said, Kono’s APC youth intra-party conflict must be settled by Konos.

Alie Conteh a.k.a Alie Gunpoint, another protagonist, reinforced the need for total peace. On behalf of his group (Gunpoint Podo-poo), reaffirmed their commitments to total peace. He said we are tired of fighting, fighting and fighting. We now want developments for the future of our children. We want to grow.

Comrade T.Boy Kaingbanjah, former District Youth League Leader talked tough. He called on all the parties to respect and work with the Comrade Mohamed Gbandagbra District Youth League executive. He gave a synopsis of previous failed peace processes. This one is here to stay, he added.