Five Armed Thugs Arrested At VP Sam-Sumana’s Lodge In Koidu City.

By Samuel Fly Gandi‎…..

Reminants of the notorious Adamu Eze gang who were on the run have been rounded up by a Special Police Unit from Freetown. These thugs have been on the run since October, 2014 when their ring leader Adamu Eze and eight others were arrested and are still locked up at the Pademba Road Prison. Whenever the VP visits Konoland, these fugitives will surface and come out in the open to pay homage to their “demi-god”. Their luck ran out of favour yesterday when coming out of the VP’s residence. They fell into a well organised Police net and were arrested. Messrs M P Allie, Mukay, and Akon were among those arrested. As I go to press, they are currently en route to Freetown under heavy security escort.

What is most interesting is VP Sam-Sumana’s relationship with violence in Kono, his homeland. That brings to mind the “hidden agenda which Comrade Nepoleon had against Comrade Snowball by secretly keeping the dogs in Animal Farm.” When the VP was informed that his boys were about to be arrested, he instructed his personal guards not to allow their arrests. His security was over-powered by the Police which resulted in the arresting of one of his armed men. It has been learnt that the VP made a personal appeal for the release of his security personnel. The poor guard was later released to him but he could not be able to retain a single thug.

Since Adamu and Co were arrested in October 2014, Kono has been relatively peaceful and quiet.

Sia Evelyn Nyandemoh, the self-proclaimed ‘youth mama’ was all over in the Kono forums accusing Hon. Diana Konomanyie of ordering the arrest of the Kono youths. The Hon Diana Konomanyie is presently out of the country.

These thugs are being rounded up for violating the State of Emergency declared by President Ernest Bai Koroma in combating the Ebola disease.

The arrested persons are yet to be charged to court. Some of them, like Samuel Sandi, are still hiding.

Many people in Konoland are upset and in dire need of knowing the truth as to how “these fugitives were hiding in VP Sam-Sumana’s palace in Koidu City or was he feeding them in their hide-outs when state resources were being used in arresing them.” Some Kono people are strongly upset with others blaming President Ernest Bai Koroma for the poor working relationship with his Vice president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.