Fly Released But In High Spirit.

Reports reaching the VOB from Konoland indicate that Mr Samuel Fly Gandi is out from the Pademba Road prisons and in high spirit. He was granted bail to reappear on the 10th of December, 2014.

“He spent just a night in detention at Pademba Road”, Pormasu TambaMusa of Koidu City explained.

Samuel Gandi, commonly known as Dr Fly, has just spent the last four days in Kono and will be returning to Freetown on the 1st of December to get himself prepared for the gigantic court proceedings with the Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana of Sierra Leone on the 4th of December 2014.

A concerned Konoman in Koidu City did spend the last two days with Fly and confirmed that Mr Samuel Fly Gandi’s spirit is as strong as it was and that many people of Konoland are too upset seeing the VP Samuel Sam-Sumana just making “a great mockery “of himself by taking the poor Fly to court.

As Mr Abdul Ahmed pointed out the other day on Facebook; “Fly has been persistently taunting and writing about the VP on Facebook” and “it was a poor public relation’s move for the Vice President to drag this issue to court.”

“Regardless of the outcome, the fact that the headlines would be Fly vs VP, it is a victory for Fly. To be a leader in politics, you have to be thick-skinned”.

Mr Ahmed did advise Samuel FLY Gandi; “to have the right to write and criticise our leaders when necessary, but must be fair, constructive and fact-based.”

Stay tuned as the proceedings unfold.