Fly –Sam-Sumana Case Adjourned Dec.18th.

By  Pormasu Kombayendeh…

The libel case between The Vice President Of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Alhadji Sidikie Samuel Sumana and the Facebbok blogger, Samuel Fly Gandi has been postponed to the 18th of December 2014.

The said libel case is being dealt with by another Konoman, Magistrate Komba Kamanda. Does it sound like a “KONO-AYE-KONO- FAA court proceeding?

According to Mr Samuel Fly Gandi, Magistrate Komba Kamanda of Court No 2 adjourned the case to the 18th December, 2014, as the VP SAM SUMANA failed again to produce a legal representation. “Our VP failed to provide a lawyer in court to establish his case against me. 18th December will be the verdict day”; Fly explained.

The VOB was informed that the Police prosecutor tended a single page submission on behalf of the complainant (Vice President Samuel Sumana). Samuel Fly Gandi’s Defence Counsel made an objection of CS. 3460/2014 of defamatory libel contrary to section 27 of the public order Act 46 of 1965 of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

The Facebook blogger thanked all his sympathisers; ”I want to tender my humble submission to all comrades, family and well-wishers who have stood by my side in these trying times…your support in diverse ways has kept me alive and very hopeful. Together we can “tame” a lion and the VOVK (Voice of the Voiceless Konos) WILL NOT be silent”

As Fly blogged on Facebook reporting the outcome of the court proceedings, a thunderous action of sympathisers stormed his timeline.

Donald Aiah Benson Jimingo wrote;”A Lion chasing an innocent FLY…………………interesting but not impressing”. Fatorma Kallon “congratulated” Fly. Sia Marie Fania trumpeted in; “Lion and Fly”. TambaYama Lebbie questioned Sia Fania’s sayings; „Who is the lion ? Maybe it’s just a simple cat trying to be a wild cat . May be !!! I don’t know !”

Patric Foryoh said “We are moving forward” Emmanuel Aiah Lebbie advised;”Hang in there bro. The good Lord is on your side”.Fallah Abel Kounday went on; “We did our best, but God did the most to save you. We thank Him”. Abdulai Braima fine-tuned; “The favoured FLY versus the voluminous VAMPIRE! Wow!!!” Mariatu Dankay Kamara “May God grant u victory as u stand for the truth”. For Sarrah James, it was more of a proverbial warning; “ If a rock falls on your back, you will feel it. And if you fall on the rock, you will also feel it. Please my brothers don’t challenge issues”.

One Jeremiah Musa, believed to be a supporter of the Vice President abusively pointed out; ”Fly thinks he is equal to VP. He failed in councillorship election in Yengema and went to FBC to do a course which has not even been completed. Absolutely incompetent to handle responsible position. Thunder-fire Fly is grey head”.

Jeremiah Musa did meet a counter-reactionary response from Kamachie Kaimachiande; “you sound so ignorant it seems you can’t see beyond your nose. You are very limited in scope besides the fact that you are so spiteful. Wake up and live bro…. Fly completed his program at FBC with a resounding distinction if you know what that means and in case you are not aware. It is because of morons like your type the country is so backward that something as natural and basic as freedom of speech is nowhere to come by.”

Meanwhile, Fly is still a free man and on bail. Full details of the complainant’s submission in court will be published soon on Facebook”, Samuel Fly Gandi concluded.