French Police Attack And Arrest Black Brigade Members.

By Pormasu Tamkorfai…

France- 10th  October 2016. White French officials fighting against PAN-AFRICANISM, as the new BLACK BRIGADE members wear and freely distribute Anti- NIGGER T-Shirts. Is that not  PURE RACISM at the highest degree?
“Est-il mieux porter les T-Shirts d’Hitler ou D’EI au lieu d’ANTI NEGROPHOBIE?  Quelle belle forme de neo-colonialisme!!!”, commented a human rights activist in Geneva, Switzerland. The translation denotes:” Is it better putting on Hitler or IS T-shirts instead of Anti-Negrophobia T-Shirts? What a beautiful form of Neo-Colonialism!!!”

Blacks in France are treated like Third Class citizens and have tremendously been mistreated and mishandled by French secret service officials. African Frenchmen sometimes feel being neglected by the very colonial master that is always exploiting the rich mineral resources of the African continent.