Ghanaian Artist, Gladstone Ameleke, Mourns Salone Disaster.

Born and raised in the Volta Region of Ghana to Madam Maggi Nugah Agbenyezi and Jacob Ameleke in the Volta Region of Ghana,Gladstone Ameleke, a Ghanaian Police Nurse and Musician has added his crying tears with a cool-lamenting song to the recent mudslide disaster in Sierra Leone.

Gladstone started his primary education at the El-shaddai International School and completed at Klikor Unity School in 2002. He then moved to the Akatsi Senior High School for his secondary education and completed in 2005.

After his secondary education, he proceeded to Korle-Bu Nursing Training College and graduated with distinction in Nursing in 2010.

After working for a while, he attended the Ghana Police Academy and trained as a professional police nurse in the Ghana Police Force in 2012.

During the 2016 General Elections in Ghana, he composed a peace-campaign song titled “ELECTION” which contributed greatly to the spreading of the importance of peace and tolerance before, during and after general elections in Africa.

The song, “ELECTION”, became a great success, since he was able to fuse it in 6 different local languages (Twi, Ewe, Dagbani, Fafra, Wala and Ga) in a bid to appeal to everybody to maintain peace at all election times.

When asked why he is deeply involved in music, Mr Gladstone Ameleke explained; “music has been my passion since my primary school education up to the nursing training school. I have mounted stages all through my school days to entertain my colleagues and,  though I am a police officer and a nurse, I don’t want to give up my passion for music”.

The recent mudslide disaster in Sierra Leone touched him and other Ghanaians  to the core of their hearts. As a Pan-African, he decided to quicly write and compose the song ” PRAY FOR AFRICA (SIERRA LEONE)” as his personal artistic contribution in helping the suffering people of Sierra Leone.

The song “Pray For Africa (Sierra Leone) is one of the top 10 songs being aired and widely listened to on RADIO BINKONGOH. 

“I actually cried when I saw the news of the mudslide in Sierra Leone on the BBC African Service. I was so touched and that actually motivated me to compose this beautiful song in the memory of the beautiful souls we lost in Sierra Leone”, he added.

It is widely believed that proceeds from this hot song will soon find their way as a special donation for the victims of the recent flood and mudslide disaster in Sierra Leone.

Listen to the “Pray For Sierra Leone” song below:-