If I Were Samura Kamara.

By Prof Sankara Kamara……

As an incumbent foreign minister who doubles as presidential candidate, Samura Kamara could have used the startling news from Libya, to prop-up his image as leader. Unfortunately, Samura Kamara is not a very smart man. As foreign minister and presidential candidate, these are some of the things Samura Kamara could have done, when the international community was stung by Libya’s enslavement of black people. Samura Kamara should have held an emergency press conference in Freetown, for the purpose of expressing Sierra Leone’s disgust at the dehumanization and murder of Africans in Libya, some of whom are Sierra Leonean citizens. The news conference should be followed by the making of OFFICIAL contacts with the UN-backed government in Tripoli, where a Sierra Leonean delegation should have tried to make provisions for the repatriation of Sierra Leoneans, detained in prisons and camps within the Tripoli government’s jurisdiction.

Whether successful or futile, these moves could have presented Samura Kamara as a capable national leader, with a brain and sense of nationalism. By initiating such moves, presidential candidate and foreign minister, Samura Kamara, could have emerged out of the Libyan drama as a smart, debonair and proactive national leader, who can be entrusted with protecting and steering Sierra Leone, both internationally and domestically.

Sadly, Samura Kamara is barely an AVERAGE politician, enjoying the attention of an equally unintelligent and tribalistic president. Sierra Leone’s TRAGEDY can be seen in the fact that our national expectations and standards have sunken so LOW that idiots like Samura Kamara can FAIL in several government departments, without offending a BETRAYED nation. If I were in Samura Kamara’s place as foreign minister and presidential candidate, this is how I would have responded to the Libyan cataclysm.

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