Ignorant Africans In America

By Prof Sankara Kamara…..

SOME Africans in the United States can be quite ignorant of the race-related terms and phrases used in the Black Diaspora. What is the meaning of “Black Diaspora?” The “Black Diaspora” refers to descendants of African slaves who were shipped to the United States, the Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe and beyond. Black Jamaicans, Haitians, Black Britons, Black Americans and other descendants of slaves elsewhere in the world, belong to the “Black Diaspora.”

In the language of the Black Diaspora, the word “brother” can also mean “black man,” while “sister” refers to a “black woman.” Ignorant of the racial connotation of “brother,” some Africans in the United States can be tautological, when they use the word “BLACK.” A less socially conscious African in the United States could say something like, “The police arrested a black brother and took him away.” There is NO need to say “black brother,” because in Pan-African and Black Diasporan parlance, “BROTHER” means “BLACK MAN.” “A black brother was arrested,” should be rephrased to become, “a brother was arrested.”

Similarly, it can be weird, when an African in America says, “I love black sisters.” “SISTER” means “BLACK WOMAN.” For that reason, the RIGHT way to say that statement is “I love sisters.” A SISTER is a BLACK WOMAN, while a BROTHER is invariably, a BLACK MAN. Oppressed and dehumanized by slavery and colonialism, CONSCIOUS black people fostered a sense of RACIAL consciousness, which believes, at least in theory, that BLACK MEN all over the world are brothers, the same way EVERY BLACK woman is a SISTER. The next time a black man from Jamaica, Trinidad, or black Cuban says, “What’s up, brother?” he is recognizing the fact that you are a BLACK man and, therefore, a brother.

When a black American says, “My history teacher is a BROTHER,” he is effectively saying that his history teacher is a BLACK man. An IGNORANT African in the United States could say, “My history teacher is a black brother.” A social event in America that bears the sign, “For Brothers Only,” means “For Black men only.” While men from other races are welcome, the sign is indicative of the fact that the occasion was planned by BLACK MEN. I have seen less CONSCIOUS Africans in America, who proved embarrassingly incapable of understanding that BROTHER means “BLACK MAN,” and vice versa. This is brother Sankara, and in the Black Diaspora, that means “Sankara is a BLACK man.”

Each one, teach one.

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