Is JFK The Nation’s Measurement?

 By Ranger Ranger……

The political climate within the All Peoples Congress Party is getting hotter as to who stands a better chance in succeeding President Koroma ahead of the forthcoming election.

The APC is presently faced with serious political struggles as members are banging their heads as to who will best succeed President Earnest Bai Koroma to likely lead them to another victory.

A general assessment on majority of APC supporters now prefer Joseph F Kamara aka JFK of whom they believe will lead the party to victory. Majority of the views are that the survey captured highlighted not only his eloquence but also his physical stature which many agree is that of having a commanding figure, widely taken as a prerequisite of any Presidential personality who would command respect and authority.

What does this tell or teach us about the current story or issue about Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara aka JFK who has been given the title APC Crown Prince? In the first place, JFK is a member of the APC like any other old or new member because the age of Methuselah had nothing to do with the Wisdom of Solomon.

Secondly, it is the same Bible which states in one of its New Testament books that: Many are called, but few are chosen. This is an indication that in the current APC, there could be many within its confines who could be eyeing the Presidential position after President Koroma, but the fact is that only one man would attain that position.

Then in the final analysis, the fact remains that even though it is mooted that the APC is beginning to manifest itself. This is because President Koroma in his wisdom prefers to have a young generation of APC Politicians to take up after him that he has personally mentored. Someone, whom he can trust with doing the right things when he would have left, is who President Koroma is looking out for and if JFK fits the bill, then so be it. And so the issue about the much talked about angering other so-called crown princes is neither here nor there.

When all is said and done, it is a fact that JFK is now being considered as the best choice to take up after President Koroma for the simple fact that he is doing what it takes to convince the ordinary masses that he is capable and visionary enough like his mentor President Koroma who brought him into the political limelight to continue to steer the ship of State in the right direction after President Koroma hands power to him in 2018