Is Joseph F Kamara (JFK) A Political Parasite?

Culled from Universal News…..

Credible report reaching us has indicated that the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph F. Kamara will be the chosen APC flagbearer for the next March 7, 2018 General Elections. A senior State House staff also confirmed to this medium that His Excellency President Ernest Bai Koroma has finally endorsed JFK.

The president asked Amb. Foday Yansaneh, the APC Secretary General to host JFK and his paid followers yesterday September 20, 2017 to declare his intent at the APC headquarters office in Freetown.

Please take a close look at the social media posting and sharing of Kawusu Jarrah, State House media staff. He was all over the place sharing the JFK’s declaration and his declaration event.

Please take another closer look at how Oswald Hancile, the Senior State House staff was all over the social media sharing JFK’s declaration and flagbearership intention.

When you read JFK’s letter of intent to vie for the APC flagbearership, he didn’t at any time mention when he joined the mighty APC party and how he had served the party. Can we ask JFK to disclose when he joined the APC party and in what capacity he has served the APC party?

Joseph F Kamara is one of the political elements in the APC government that are always ready to sip the sweet nectar of the economy and the party. He is currently being made a rich man through the goodness of president Koroma and the APC party.

JFK did fooled and continue to manipulate President Ernest Bai Koroma to believe in him, as he’s is a smooth talker. Our Information Minister, Mohamed Bangura knows a smooth-talker and that’s why both of these parasites got engaged in a fist-fight at State House early this year.

Joseph F Kamara was one of the former SLPP Vice President’s legal boys that were trained to help destroy the APC party. Has Joseph F Kamara become a fraudster and cannot be trusted? He is boasting all over the country that he has secured international sponsors for his presidential campaign.

Joseph F Kamara cannot be trusted for the APC flagbearership. Many people are of the opinion that he is a political parasite to the core and he is ready to suck the blood of the real and die-hard APCers.

Will President Koroma wake up and smell JFK’s cosmetic coffee?