Is Salone Lost Under Ernest Koroma’s Rule?

By Chief Edwin II…

Is SIERRA LEONE really LOST under the APC government? Will the next General Elections SHOW them the EXIT DOOR?

President Koroma’s recent statement delivered at the 71st U N general Assembly was full of contradictions. Our president spent over a $1 m to come to N.Y and address empty chairs. Many leaders left the room as he took the podium. Here are some of his major topics he had earlier  contradicted back home in Sierra Leone where corruption and mismanagement are part of the system that be:-

1. Strengthening democratic principles in the UN Security Council

President Koroma has manipulated, twisted and killed all the democratic institutions in Sierra Leone.

2.  ✅He talked about sending his police to contribute in peace missions.

APC POLICE can shoot at innocent civilians like they did recently in kabala

3.   bringing peace to Libya and Sudan

He himself set the stage for problems by unconstitutionally sacking his democratically elected VIce President.

4. ✅Empowering the physically challenged and youth.

He sacked blind Bai Atillah and rejected crippled Hon. Kofi symbol for his second term

5.✅ He spoke about divide and rule by imperial masters which

He himself is good at the divide and rule policy by setting Kono people against Kono people  and seeing themselves as enemies, thereby plundering their wealth at Octea.

6. ✅He also appealed for more Ebola recovery funds.

Where Paolo Conteh still has to account for over $2.4 million as outlined in the auditor general’s report.

What a poor speech being delivered only to empty seats!!! Was he pronouncing recognize as “regonise”?  Even his Ivorian counterpart did burst into laughter. Which way Sierra Leone?