Is Samura Kamara A British Citizen?

By Sankara Kamara …..

The more you observe Samura Kamara, the clearer you would see the lack of sophistication in the man’s personality. When the APC government used “dual citizenship” as a stalking horse to eliminate Kandeh Yunkella’s presidential candidacy, the latter responded by presenting a document officially confirming his renunciation of American citizenship. Now, it is Samura Kamara’s turn. Since rumors are swirling about Samura Kamara’s reputed British citizenship, professionalism obliges candidate Samura to respect Sierra Leoneans, by publicly addressing the issue. Judging from his demeanor and the meaningless comments he often makes, it is safe to conclude that Samura Kamara is neither intelligent, nor sufficiently enlightened, to astutely run a country’s foreign ministry. Here is an elementary lesson in international relations, especially written for candidate Samura Kamara.
The government department responsible for immigration in the United Kingdom, is known as the “Home Office.” The cabinet minister in charge of that office is formally known in the United Kingdom as the “Home Secretary.” As presidential candidate and minster of foreign affairs, Samura Kamara has enough political clout to contact the Home Office in London, requesting a refutation or confirmation, of his alleged British citizenship. As presidential candidate and Sierra Leone’s foreign minister, Samura Kamara’s official request will be treated with meticulous diplomacy, by the Home Office in London. If Samura Kamara is sufficiently enlightened, he should know that a public figure who is contesting the presidency of a country, should respond to contentious issues surrounding his reputation.
The unprincipled Ernest Koroma is, of course, dictatorially protecting Samura Kamara. In the interest of his own reputation, however, Samura Kamara should communicate with the British Home Office, so that Sierra Leonean VOTERS can know what London OFFICIALLY says about his rumored, British citizenship. By choosing to be a “Mumu” on an important issue like this, Samura is unwittingly exposing the institutionalized injustice in Sierra Leone, where “dual citizenship” has been politically used to target Kandeh Yumkella’s former status as an American citizen, which the man has decisively renounced, both in words and in action. Is Samura Kamara enlightened enough to know that professionalism requires him to PUBLICLY address rumors of allegiance to Her Majesty’s Government in Britain? 

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