Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.

By Saa Kaimachiande…

In my last Op-Ed, I stated in no uncertain terms that our president’s executive fiats have no groundings or legs in our constitution. I further analytically surmised that his edicts were desperate actions meant to bellow smoke screen in our collective views in a naked attempt at distracting us from the real issue—the Ebola funds that had disappeared in thin air.

Further, in line with his unrelenting efforts of casting away a problem that is about to bring down his government, EBK,once again utilized his IMPERIAL POWERs to divert the Ebola corruption cases to the legislature instead of making use of the appropriate law enforcement body, more so the anticorruption unit, for required enforcement of the laws.

The rationale for his diversion is clear to even the most casual observer; the president’s party, APC, has a near overwhelming majority in the legislature; furthermore, APC legislators are keenly aware of the fact that their party would take a calamitous beating and a fall in instances as that if the truth about the Ebola funds were to be accurately revealed. Hence, that is the ore reason they would not have an alternative but to dump the salient questions about the disappearances of the Ebola funds in a committee that would never bring itself to resolving the issue in question.

Now, this brings us to the credibility issue of the three branches of government. The Executive branch led by EBK is known quantity. It is certainly viewed as dictatorial, corrupt and nepotistic government that respect no rules. That is clearly a given. Shamelessly annexed with the totalitarian views of King EBK, are our lap-dog, “brown envelope” and rudderless parliamentarians who have been entirely co-opted by our King, EBK. The last “greasing” that was dispensed to them was the Ebola sensitization monies of which none of them may probably account for if it were to come to that.

Indeed, by the given deductive reasoning, the executive and the legislative branches are goners and cannot and must not be counted on or trusted when it comes to executing the their mandated constitutional duties. They are toothless and spineless bull dogs that must be put down for their good and the good or the general public. Never in the history of our country has so few got so many angry and almost in arms, all at once. On the issue of impeaching the president; cowed and diminutive legislature is never going to let it happen. Let us therefore all be agreed on this premise. They control the legislature by a huge majority. They certainly do not have the ethical core to do so.

This brings us to the Judiciary. A sacred and an iconic institution that in most countries is perceived as a paragon of ethics and hope in its dispensation of justice. But how just has our Supreme court being? Due to the ill-informed and politically motivated rulings of this our eminent court, there are two APC parliamentarians in our legislature today that have no business being there. These two characters could not win not even thirty percent of their constituents’ vote yet, due to the arcane and convoluted ruling by this court, these two failed politicians are gracing the sanctuary of our legislature. Can you belief this???

Given the aforementioned realism on the floor, can we and must we then count on our Supreme Court for a fair and balanced dispensation of justice?? I want to caution all my compatriots not to hold their breath on this rather fantasy of thought. If they could so unjustly and foolishly obviate our democratic process that is the prop and under pinning of our of our democracy, will they stop at any devious act? Further, we must be clear about the embedded fact that the Supreme court justices are political appointees even though they are to hold their various position till retirement. As human beings, they have their political likings and connections even though they may not say so frontally.

Certainly, those attributes; political and other wise, come into the mix when they are making decisions. However, in this particular instance, the decision they are about to make will make them the most powerful and trusted institution of our country or would be forever be relegate to the salvage quarters of political history. No one has to be a student of law or lawyer to realize in quick succession that EBK has usurped and clearly misappropriated his authority under our constitution. He has callously and indignantly mistaken the term “supreme leader” designated to him as one of which he is endowed with the unchecked powers of acting as the judge to interpret our constitution the way he sees fit. What an idiotic presumption!!!

Our fear must now be pinned on the possible delay of justice in the justices surreptitious attempt at subverting justice. As I stated earlier, the facts of the law are clear. But would the Justices use this moment as an emergent occasion to justly lay the laws bare in an ethical, just and fair way so that the country can once again get down to doing business? A Justice that is sick or that cannot perform his or her function must be set aside for another who would get the job done. Sierra Leone is on the precipice of both an economic and political collapse. It might just be a breathe of air that might land us into the abyss. Justice therefore delayed, is justice denied.. The justices therefore do not want to be seen denying the people their due constitutional rights.