Kambian Village Quarantined After New Ebola Death.

By Michael Duff

A village in Sierra Leone has been placed in quarantine after a 67-year-old woman died from Ebola, officials have said .Food trader, 67, from northern district of Kambia had been unwell for up to 10 days without the authorities’ knowledge

The three-week lockdown comes after officials announced on Tuesday that the food trader had died in Sella Kafta village in the northern district of Kambia, having been ill for up to 10 days without the authorities’ knowledge.

“Over 970 people are being monitored under quarantine as there is information that they had had some contact with the deceased woman who tested positive after her death,” the district Ebola response office said in a report on Friday.

“From those under quarantine, 48 are considered as high risk and are in various holding centres in the district and not treatment centres, as none of them have exhibited any signs and symptoms of Ebola.”

Kambia’s chief administrator, Alhaji Abu Bangura, told the local Africa Independent Radio station that the district was on high alert to ensure the virus did not spread.

The death brought to an abrupt end the optimism sparked by the release from hospital of Sierra Leone’s last known Ebola patient last week in the central city of Makeni.

The latest victim had not travelled to either Liberia or Guinea, two other countries hit by the worst outbreak of Ebola in history, which has killed about 11,300 people since it emerged in December 2013 in Guinea.

Friday’s measures to try to prevent the spread of the virus were put in place at the end of the first week of the new school year. At the height of the outbreak, they were closed for more than eight months.