Kandeh & Andrew: Women’s Traitors, Schoolmate Politicians & SLPP Renegades.

By Hawa Kargbo…………

After weeks of speculations, Kandeh Yumkella has finally appointed his CKC schoolmate and former colleague of the defunct SLPP Aspirants Alliance. However,for a Presidential Candidate who has wasted so much energy talking about Change, what does the appointment of Andrew Keilie say about Yumkella’s leadership?

Firstly, the appointment of Andrew Keilie by Yumkella has NOT put country first rather Yumkella has put schoolmate above country. Yumkella has shown weak leadership by failing to look beyond his schoolmate friendship. No serious President can run a country by only favouring friends you attended the same school with. There are other people he could have chosen from southeast who never attended CKC. This is not change but backward politics.

Second, for all the talk about women empowerment from Yumkella, the appointment of Andrew Keilie will be a big disappointment to the many high profile NGC women who Yumkella promised running mate position and betrayed. If Yumkella was serious and honest to women then deceiving them with running mate spot is not change but politics of lies. Mrs IJ Kabbah, Yasmin Jusu Sheriff and others who have been deceived will now carry their crosses. I am not a member of SLPP but Julius Maada Bio should be credited in 2012 elections for appointing Dr Kadie Sesay as running mate. Though many of the senior SLPP male stakeholders were against his decision to apppoint Dr Sesay, Julius showed strong leadership and faith in his belief about women empowerment. This is not change, Kandeh Yumkella for women but the politics of lies.

Third, Kandeh Yumkella and Andrew Keilie were former flagbearer aspirants of the SLPP. It is true that both of them as aspirants were rejected by the general membership of the SLPP. In fact Andrew Keilie suffered defeat to Julius Bio in 2011. Kandeh and Keilie would have also been defeated in the SLPP convention had they not jumped ship to form NGC.

Change is not when two politicians are unpopular in one party then they form their own party because they want to lead at all cost. Kandeh and Keilie do not represent change but they are two unpopular SLPP Politicians who failed to subject themselves to the democratic will of the SLPP delegates. This is not change but politics of desperation

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