Kandeh Yumkella Contesting For SLPP Kambia District Chairmanship.

By: Fatmata Yansaneh….

The newly-registered SLPP member, Dr Kandeh Yumkella has reportedly told senior advisers his intention to contest for the Kambia District Chairperson of the SLPP in the forthcoming lower level elections.

According to confirmed sources, Kandeh’s main reason to contest in the lower level elections for the chairmanship of SLPP Kambia District came after few elders in the district advised himt do so, in a bid to boost his popularity and start his political journey within the district.

This intention by Kandeh Yumkella to contest for the SLPP Kambia District Chairperson has been dealt with a severe blow. Reports from the recently-conducted NEC meeting of the SLPP indicated that all contestants must be resident in Sierra Leone for the past two years.

Supporters of Kandeh Yumkella now fear that the two year rresidency, which has been alleged to be part of the rules will disqualify Kandeh Yumkella to contest in the lower level elections for SLPP Kambia District Chairmanship.

Dr Kandeh Yumkella only registered in the SLPP on the 7th January, 2015 and his registration form was presented by an elderly person from Kambia together with Dr Fofanah at the party office.

For the past couple of weeks, Dr Kandeh Yumkella has also been at loggerheads with many of his senior advisers, including Mrs. I J Kabbah, who were conspiciously absent from his failed districts’ tour.

A senior SLPP source informed that Dr Kandeh Yumkella got embarrassed by some of his advisers who assured him of the “legitimacy of his fake 2013 registration”, although others did question and judge his political know-how.

Kandeh’s decision to also contest for the SLPP Kambia Chairmanship may have come as a result of his realisation that the leading SLPP flagbearer aspirant, Julius Bio is expected to comfortably win the flagbearership .

However, Dr Kandeh Yumkella will also be expected to face a tougher contest from many popular candidates in Kambia for the SLPP District chairmanship in the forthcoming SLPP lower level elections.

Many SLPP members in Kambia believe his chance will face a tougher race.