Karamoh Kabba Arrests Adamu Eze

By Pormasu Takorfai…

Reports filtering in from Koidu City indicate that Adamu Eze, the APC strongman and senior supporter of the Vice President of Sierra leone, Alhadji Samuel Sidikie Sam-Sumana, has been arrested, detained and waiting to be transferred to Freetown to face further prosecution.

His arrest was politically ochestrated by the continous efforts of the Deputy Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr Karamoh Kabba who is  seriously using his high-class connection with His Excellency, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. and other strong executives of the ruling APC in not only silencing Sam-Sumana’s supporters but helping to eradicate any opponent of his boss, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma. Karamoh Kabba is well determined to apply the same method to any member of the opposition SLPP who exhibits disrespect for His Excellency, Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC regime.

According to the Constitution of Sierra Leone, the Vice President automatically assumes the executive direction of the Sierra Leone Police Force.  What is currently happening in Konoland is a clear indication that the VP Sam-Sumana has lost favour in the eyes of his master and the political party he serves. The Presidential Affairs Ministry has taken over the executive duties of the Vice President.  Is a political conspiracy developing at State House?

Mr Karamoh Kabba,, whose disputed claims of being a Konoman, has diabolically taken  the laws in his hands and is determined to wipe out all leading and known supporters of the Vice President of Sierra Leone in Konoland.

Konos at home and in the Diaspora are seriously upset and disturbed seeing their district in such a difficult situation. The People of Konoland are struggling between two dangerous wars. There is a great doubt seeing them overcome the  Ebola Virus and the current political cleansing of Karamoh Kabba and his squad.