Karamoh Kabba’s Unpleasant Rant.

By Aiah Y. Sodengbe….

Without any resort to rancour, Mr. Karamoh Kabba – a fly-by-night-politician, has the propensity to initiate violence in Sierra Leone. His track record confirms this. I’m still reminded of his illegal & arbitrary detention of residents in Kono District recently, and insults to women in Sierra Leone.

With all due respect, Chief Alhadji Sam-Sumana is the current Elected Vice President of Sierra Leone, has served the country diligently as Vice President for many years and acted as President of Sierra Leone on numerous occasions. This clearly qualifies him as a Statesman and not “just a simple ordinary citizen” as wrongly claimed by Mr. Karamoh Kabba.

Chief Sam Sumana deserves to be welcomed by Sierra Leoneans in a jubilant fashion!

Mr. Karamoh Kabba’s ignorance on how a traditional Chief is received by his people is a matter for him to sort out. We are not responsible for his myopic knowledge about governance issues in the various traditions in Sierra Leone. His layman’s reference to the national statutes as expected, does not bother me considering his limited knowledge on legal issues and of course the Jurisprudence of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

His rout over the radio clearly shows his incompetence as a Resident Minister and hatred for Chief Sam Sumana.
This narrow mindedness & lack of respect for the Rule of Law must stop. He must desist from such harassment and inimical attitude.

Such an unpleasant conduct is not expected of a junior Government Minister.